Disney Water Parks Discounts?


Earning My Ears
Jan 12, 2001
My kids love going to Disneys water parks, instead
of the other parks. They hate the lines in the parks. If all we want to do is to go to the water parks a couple of times each. Is there any discounted tickets that anyone knows of, such as a multy day water park pass. Or is there any other type of coupons or packages that anyone knows of other than just the discount that you get from you
disney card. I have not been able to find any the last couple of years that we have gone.

Other than the annual water park hopper. While we have gone the last three years in a row, there is no guarantee that we would be able to make it next year in time to make it worth purchasing the water park hopper passes.

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try the ticket RES here...they might have a bit of a discount....it is now about 30$+ for water parks

the only thing that wud be good for that is the park hopper plus i think with its options


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