disney t shirts at big lots


Jan 16, 2001
I dont know if Big Lots store is nation wide or not, but there are some in the michigan area.
I just bought mickey and minnie tshirts(adult sizes) there for $5.99 each and tigger and pooh kids shirts for $4.99. They also had mickey nightshirts and boxer shorts. I have been having a terrible time finding disney adult clothes and thought that I would pass this along.
We have a big lots here thanks for the tip!!

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What a great way to build up my vacation wardrobe! I'll be heading down to my local Big Lots store now, thanks.....:)
They have these in the Tennessee stores also. They are hanes her way t-shirts. They have them is sizes up to 3x. I was able to get several of them today!

I love Big Lots and thanks for this post I saw a Buzz&Woody suitcase there the other day I want to get for my DS and forgot to go back.



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Going shopping in a bit and that will be my first stop!


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Checked the Big Lots in Choo Choo only to find very small Mickey Mouse wear for the little guys and very large Mickey Mouse (actually Pooh, Tigger, etc) for large ladies. :0(

I DID find a Nickelodeon Rug Rats shirt for my Daugher for when we go to Universal! :0)

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