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Nov 23, 2001
I also have these on pinpics - username Janette

Here is a list of Disney Store pins I'm looking for:
Pin 6859: 2001 Disney Store Series - #1 - One Man's Dream
Pin 7283: 100 Years of Dreams #20 Pinocchio Poster
Pin 7586: 100 Years of Dreams #38 The Haunted House
Pin 7685: 100 Years of Dreams #45 Darkwing Duck 1991
Pin 7754: 100 Years of Dreams #49 Tigger Movie 2000
Pin 8649: 100 Years of Dreams #100 Montana

Here is a list of Disney Store pins I have to trade:
Pin 7681: 100 Years of Dreams #41 Trick or Treat
Pin 8116: 100 Years of Dreams #63 Aladdin with Genie 1992
Pin 8274: 100 Years of Dreams #73 Herbie Goes Bananas
Pin 8275: 100 Years of Dreams #74 Pooh's Great School Bus Adventure
Pin 8276: 100 Years of Dreams #75 Merlin
Pin 8277: 100 Years of Dreams #76 The Pet Store 1933
Pin 8348: 100 Years of Dreams #77 Walt Disney Birthday
Pin 8352: 100 Years of Dreams #81 Mulan 1998
Pin 8355: 100 Years of Dreams #84 Peter and the Wolf
Pin 8498: 100 Years of Dreams #87 Mary Poppins
Pin 8502: 100 Years of Dreams #91 Broken Toys

Thanks for anything you can help with.
Pins traded have been removed from the list. Thank you.
I'll need to see if I can get more Texas pins, traded my extra already. I'll post an update tomorrow.
Hey janette -- I have a TX trade pending. But LMK if I can help you out.
I am omega on Pinpics and I do probably have some of the dream pins you need. Another trade is fine. The extra 100 Dream pins I have will be part of my WDW traders in three weeks!:bounce:

I have the Cinderella poster #60. The only one that you have that I could use is Timothy(#85). LMK if you want to trade.
i have 10, 29, 38, & 49. i would love a texas pin or an extra merlin or santa clause. i have all the pins except #95. however i like eeyore, pooh and tinker bell. penny


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