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Aug 31, 2000
Starting tomorrow (Thursday 3/29), loads of kids clothing is going down from 25% off to 50% off. The clothing is mostly Spring/Easter clothing but there are lots of styles! Also, adult pjs that were marked down 25-50% off goes down to 75% off.

In case you haven't been to a Disney Store lately, adult clothing has come back. So far we have some tops, bibs, shorts and sandals in but have been told sweatshirts and t-shirts are on their way.

Thanks to everyone who sent e-mails, letters and made phone calls. Apparently someone was listening!
Thanks for posting. I'll have to go to another store though, because I think I got everything at my local store when the sale started. I'm always doing my part to help stores meeting their quota.


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It is A bad thing when the Disney store employees know you by name. I was there last night, and bought 2 piece outfits for my girls for $10.00. T-shirts for $6.00. I was happy :D
I just bought a Princess Capri pant set for my DD at 50% off. Does this mean that it is going to 75% off? Hope so!!

Teena thank you so much for posting the sale. I went this morning and got a great summer PJ set for myself. Was $28...I paid $6.40!! Thank you and have a great day! Please keep us posted on upcoming sales, your info is soooo helpful :D

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I was just trying to decide whether to hang out online for awhile this morning or to head for the mall to do birthday party shopping (my kids have 3 this weekend - yikes) You just helped me to decide logging off and heading to the mall. Thanks so much for the info! Sheila
I bought my DD, who is 7, five outfits and my DS who is 3 1/2 also five outfits. All for about 120.00 bucks with my extra 10% off. All ten outfits with exception of the one little sundress were two piece outfits so I thought that was GREAT! Thanks for letting us know!

The store had more shopper in it today than I think I have ever seen, quite crowded, I'm used to more leisurely shopping and less crowds in the Disney Store even when they have the sales. Must have been because its Spring Break here????


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