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Aug 31, 2000
A new sale starts today (Thursday - 4/26). I'm not sure exactly what's on sale. My manager left me a message that said "all adult wear is off 25%". I'm not sure what she means ... may be the shorts, tees, sweatshirts, sandals, bibs and/or sandals, totes. Sleepwear? Anyway, I'll call her when the store opens and find out for sure and I'll update this message. Just wanted to give a heads-up to everyone ASAP.

UPDATE: The adult merchandise on sale: shorts, bibs and some tees. Also sandals, totes and water bottles. The Surfer Mickey line of frames, albums, etc. is also marked down. Some of the children stuff that was marked down has been marked down more.

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thanks for the info. I didn't make it into the store with the last after Easter sale until yesterday and needless to say there was nothing left but I did get a few of the Easter hats 75% off! Plus a pair of really kewl socks for DD! So I may just have to stop in!

I went yesterday and bought quite a few of the Minnie art sets, the heart shaped one, the little purple carrying case (a little smaller than a lunchbox) and a few other things so I have a nice supply of markers, crayons, erasers, sharpeners, etc. etc. When they are originally 14.00 or 18.00 and such I don't buy them but at 2.49 & 3.49 plus 10% DC discount they are GREAT. I will use some for our trip to keep the kids busy in the hotel in the a.m. or p.m. while we are getting ready for the day and a few for a basket or tote bag to take to church to keep them busy. Not many clothes on sale, but did find DD a little Ariel wrap coverup skirt to go with her Ariel two-piece I bought earlier this year from Disney Online on sale!


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