Disney store and hopper tickets


Oct 20, 2000
My brother has 2 hopper tickets from 2 years ago and not sure how many days on it left. Can they check it out at the Disney store or do we have to wait till the Dolphin to buy the tickets there to check how many days left.


You have to go to Guest Services at WDW. The Disney Store does not have the computer equipment to check for you... I tried last year.

Hope this helps!

Holly P

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we are at the dolphin in there disney ticket selling area. Where is guest services, actually in the park? Because that would change how we buy the tickets. We were planning on buying it at the Dolphin.

Unless things have changed lately, you will
have to go to one of the parks. They are the
only ones that can read the old passes.


We stayed at the Swan last June and upgraded our 6-day hoppers to 7-day hoppers. They were able to do it for me at the concierge desk. He obviously had the capability of "reading" the passes to see how many days we had left on them. I think they can do it there for you. Have fun!


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