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Jan 10, 2001
If I buy my park hopper tickets from the Disney Store can I get a discount with my Disney Club card, or do I have to wait until I get to WDW to use my card?
The DC discount card gives you a 5% discount on WDW passes. It's not as much as you would get off of merchandise, but hey, any discount is good news! :)

We have Disney Club Card, but is AAA discount better, or is Disney Club Card a better discount to purchase tickets?
When I priced tickets for our trip last month, the AAA discount was a few cents cheaper on some tickets, a few cents more on others. They're both around 5% off regular prices.

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I think at this point in time you'd be better off getting them through AAA, I read a post on one of these boards recently that AAA is still offering the passes at the old price (before the 9% rate hike they just had). Last I heard, the Disney Store was raising the prices as of l-14-0l.

The AAA Chicago Motor Club's ticket prices are higher than the Disney Club prices. But as SuzyQue said, your AAA office may still have them at 2000 prices.
also ....check out the "ticketRes prices here on the DIS site....they have comparable rates to the DC discount


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