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Earning My Ears
May 29, 2000
I am so glad for this thread! I thought I was the only one! We only go about once a year, and I keep thinking that they will have changed the program, but not yet. I only watch the DVC and park channels when we're there. My husband overrides the remote once in a while, but he seems to understand that I get a strange happiness out of the Disney clips running over & over while we get ready to go out for the day.The parks station gets me excited to leave for the parks. I like the "Zip a dee doo dah tip for today." The DVC channel makes me feel special like,- hey that's us!! We're members too!! I'm such a dork. I'm glad there are others!!:D
Hey Dsnygirl,
I'm not sure which thread you're responding to but that is exactly what I do! :) My husband doesn't really understand it either, but he usually puts up with it. It just brings back such a sense of nostalgia for me. :)
Hey, Disnygirl, looks like we're practically next door neighbors!

I also enjoyed watching the DVC channel over and over again while on my trip home last year, even though I'm already a DVC member. So you're definitely NOT the only one! :p
:smooth: Oh thank goodness that there are other 'secret ' DVC/parkchannel watchers out there. My best friend/co-member and family think that I'm a little bit crazy for watching the DVC and park info clips over and over when I am there. My excuse is that they may have changed it since my last visit and I have to keep up! (And since we have been members since early 1992 it has changed.)

Yes, it does get me in the mood Dsnygirl, especially when we first arrive. And I love the feeling that I belong! And if that's being a dork, well then whoopie I love being a dork!
Maybe we could have a secret handshake or remote control sign to let others know who the DVC channel watchers are. Or a self help group to let each other know the best of the channels to watch, or what to look for. (We really don't want to stop watching them now do we?)
Off to OKW March 6-13 (Shh, I'll be watching the DVC & park channels everyday.);)
of watching the parks and DVC channel as well. My wife thinks I am nut but I even go the home page to hear the opening intro

DO you believe in Magic.....

why YES I really do!
I also enjoy watching this every time we enter the room, I set up the video camera on a try pod last year and taped it all so we can watch it whenever we want at home (my wife says you are addicted) it's nice because it is not reality
oh yea - I do too - my family will change it when I leave but when I come back. I also taped the old DVC/WDW resorts/dinning once I loved it but someone borrow it and did not return it. I think I need to tape it again.
Hey Dsnygrl,
I'm glad to see that someone else likes that little " zip-a-dee-do-dah tip for the day" jingle besides me! Everytime we go I have to turn on the tv and hear it.
Now maybe my wife won't think i'm so weird.
Sounds like I have a lot in common with "officer tigger" and "antnee". My wife thinks I'm crazy watching it over and over.
She doesn't seem to get it that while in WDW, I want to remove myself from reality. I want to absorb everything Disney. She still watches her soap operas "AMC" while we are at WDW. I tend not to watch any regular TV while there.
The jingles DO get me in a Disney mood and ready to start my day. I do wish they would change them a little more often. We go twice a year. It's nice that they ARE familiar but I also like to see new clips too.
I'm listening to Disney TV right now. :D You can too--Go to live365.com, put Disney in where it says Search, and they'll be alot of listings-Find Walt Disney World Resort TV (it's #26 for me), download the player and there you go!
DW and I do the same, turn on the disney info channel everytime we were there (and leave it on).

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