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Earning My Ears
Jan 18, 2002
i have been reading these boards to see what opportunities are out there to earn
"free" miles, points, to use in conjunciton with a disney trip.

i have signed up for "mypoints" but i can't figure out how these points can be converted
to disney dollars as other people have discussed.

can someone with more experience with this give me some insight on what i am missing???

Good morning, mudder! Welcome to the rewards board.

Each reward program offers different things that we are all redeeming for-not every program offers disney dollars.

In the case of mypoints, I redeem for webcertificates. This is a prepaid mastercard which, if you send for the plastic card (an additional charge) you can spend anywhere that accepts mastercard as payment, including disney dollars. It can also be used online or over the phone to pay-down hotel reservations or make other purchases without having the plastic card. You can also redeem for gift certificates to restaurants in the disney area for your meals if you have a car.

If you have any questions, just post them here. Someone will know the answer.
Hi Mudder! Welcome to the Rewards Board! I am so glad you could join us. I would start with a couple of programs to get the "feel" of them and then add as your time permits. Good ones to start with, IMO, would be mypoints (takes no time at all), Milesource and Blink. Here is a link which explains all the various rewards programs and how to do them.

Click Here

Happy Reward Hunting :-)


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