Disney Reward Visa VS Disney Visa

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    We go to Disney in a month and it seems like a lot of the restaurants we visit have a 10% discount if you have the Disney visa. I am wondering which to get. Do they both offer the 10% at a lot of the Disney owned restaurants or is it just the Disney rewards that gives the 10%??? Any opinions if the visa is worth getting?
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    There's plenty of other threads on here that go into details of the benefits and downfalls of these 2 cards.
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    Jul 5, 2018
    I'm not really sure what you mean by rewards visa. Are you comparing the regular disney visa to the premier disney visa? Both earn you rewards points and you will get the restaurant discount with either. The premier has an annual fee but you earn more dollars. I always recommend the Disney visa. Everyone I know has one.
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    Your post is a little confusing; I'm not quite sure what you are asking. Chase has a Disney-branded Visa card, in 2 formats. Regular earns 1% in rewards points and Premier earns 2% at restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores and 1% everywhere else. These points build up in your account until you request they be transferred to a rewards card, which Chase will send in the mail. The rewards card holds the cash value of your points. You can use this value for a variety of Disney-related purchases. SOME of the restaurants at WDW (not sure about DL) give you a 10% discount if you pay with your Disney Visa card, but you have to ask about it. Participating restaurants are listed on the Chase/Disney VISA website.

    We are going to WDW at the end of the summer. I have just requested that Chase transfer $800 (let's say) in rewards to my rewards card. The card has a 16 digit number on it and can be used at WDW just like you'd use a gift card, deducting $$$ from the balance with every purchase. I am going to use some of that money to pay off the balance on my trip package (I just give Disney the 16 digit number and they treat it like a gift or credit card) and will use the balance when we are in WDW, for food and souvenirs. I try not to use the rewards card at restaurants that give me a 10% discount (like Boma, Jiko, Biergarten, etc); instead I use my premier card, get the 10% discount, and earn 2% in cash back towards my next trip. I figure that I'm going to "pay" out the entire balance on the card anyhow, so I might as well charge meals where I can get a discount and earn the 2% back.
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