Disney Quest


Jan 9, 2001
What exactly is disney quest and how much can I expect to spend there for a family of 4 (myself, husband and two sons, 13 & 14)? Is it worth the time, or should I use that time on other activities?
Do the seven day park hopper plus passes include Disney Quest? :rolleyes:
TicketRes on this board sells them for 22.00. Once you go in you can leave and re-enter throughout the day as often as you like. I don't care to go but Dh and 13 year old Ds spend the entire day there and keep going back every year. 7 day hopper plus does not include admission to DQ.

Our family thinks DQ is awesome. My son and I spent about 7 hours in there and just this past summer, me, my wife, and daughter spent about 8 hours there. For one price you have unlimited play at all kinds of virtual reality and state of the art games and attractions. Our favorite was Pirates of the Carribean (not to be confused with the MK ride) where you are on the deck of a pirate ship which you are maneuvering through a 3D environment collecting treasure and warding off the forces of evil!

It's GREAT!!! :))
I can see where kids and teens would really like it.
DQ was included in our UMP's so DH & I went there last week for a few hours. We didn't cover nearly all of it. We wouldn't pay to go into it, but I can see why it is popular.
I think we partly didn't care as much about it because we had been in a park all day and were winding down. (We arrived around 7 - 7:30 at DQ.)
The only complaint I really have about the whole DD area is that is where we spent more time than any place else at WDW waiting and riding buses, or making pit stops along the way.
If you have your own car, it would be much easier. Otherwise it is a big time waster using the Disney bus system returning from DD to the resort.
That first night (at DD leaving DQ) I bet we waited AT LEAST 20 min for a bus. Maybe more. And it was nippy out. It just made the day seem longer.
The other times we spent waiting, riding and stopping along the way. Allow a lot of extra time for that. To me, that made the whole DD area not worth it

AK : Lions, Tiggers & Bears! Oh My!


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