Disney Quest Philadelphia?


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May 7, 2001
Does anyone know where I can find info on this? A webiste, or anything??

My impression was that they had planned on building this and then stopped? Last Thanksgiving we stayed at the Loews hotel in Philly and our travel agent told us we'd be right near DisneyQuest - we were all excited until we found out that it didn't exist, LOL. We still had a great time at the hotel though. :cool:
Perhaps they're building it again? I don't know, that was all that I heard.
I read that it was there but I can't find anything anywhere. LOL and here I thought I could run up there and get a quick Disney fix. LOL
Disney Quest fell through in Philly.:( If memory serves me, they couldn't get enough other businesses to build in the same area.
Oh well......
Blame Mayor Street for that fiasco.. for a long time it was a big hole in the ground...

Now, I'm not sure what is there, I'll have DH check it out (he works a few blocks away)... i think, its a parking garage...
We were there last year and was told buy several people that the origainal plans fell through but they were looking to build by the river. I think close to where the new childrens museum will be.
Disney Quest in Philly was never completed.
Disney Quest in Chicago was closed last year
The only Disney Quest left is in Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World (and some say its future may be in doubt).

The concept just never took off like they thought it would.


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