Disney pin exchange time!!.....CLOSED!!


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Mar 31, 2002
:yay: Time for another pin exchange :woohoo:
The exchange will be for two Disney pins - they do not have to be new but they do have to be in good condition. They must be tradable pins....if you have non tradable pins you want to use, they can be as "extras" only.
Sign-ups will go until July 14. Mail-by date will be July 21.
Mailing must be done via first class postage or better. Please use the bubble mailers.

If you are interested, please pm me the following info.

e-mail address:
Number of Exchanges you want to do:
Elf-Yes or No:
Characters - Likes and Dislikes- or any specific pin interests:
Will you ship internationally: Canada or overseas (must be by air mail)...
*If your child is participating, then please list their gender and age.

Let's hope we have enough interest to have this one happen ::yes::


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Mar 13, 2015
I'm in too, I love the pin exchanges :) I'm on my phone right now, will pm you later when I get home


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Mar 25, 2011
I haven't done one of these in forever. My nieces and nephews would love to join as well if there are enough to participate.
  • Meriweather

    Being a Nana is my superpower
    Mar 31, 2002
    Pin trading only.....and sign-ups are now closed!
    Names will go out after I get back from grocery shopping.

    Stitch-Kitsch.....this is a trade board. We do the pin trades 3-4 times a year.
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