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Jan 15, 2001
I recently booked a package for late Nov. at ASMo. The Resort Magic package, I think. When I added it all up, the avg. price per night for the hotel sounded kind of high. So I checked the net (and these forums) and found out that I could save about $350 by buying just the basic package which is hotel room only (not tickets and the added "flex features"). I will later buy my tickets and the flex features don't amount to that much money. I bought trip insurance so I changed my package to the "basic" package. I'm getting almost exactly the same thing at the same resort for $350 less!! (I'm getting the park-hopper pass instead of the ultimate pass--which is what I wanted in the 1st place--so that saved a little). Wanted everyone to know it pays to price things separately instead of purchasing all-inclusive packages. :)

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Aug 10, 2000
I have always found that booking everything seperate was the best way to go . .I don't know why and it somehow doesn't make sense, but it is definately cheaper!! Hope you have a GREAT time!!!

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Dec 30, 2000
We are going in May and I also found it cheaper to buy everything seperately. The package would be more convenient (1 phone call and you're done), but it is definitely more expensive.


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Jan 27, 2001
We found out it was cheaper for our family to buy room etc seperately as well. we will do the same when the 6 of us go again next year. BUT...

My DW and I are going this June and doing the Deluxe magic. we decided that we wanted to be pampered and not worry about anything for once at WDW. There goes our Tax return, but I know it will be worth it. We are already planning where to eat and to do all the extras-parasiling, park tours, etc- and can't wait!! ;)

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