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Earning My Ears
Mar 21, 2001
HELP, we are trying to decide between a "Resort Magic" package and a "Discovery Magic" package. Tips and comments would be GREATLY appreciated
We have never been so I do not know if what I am going to say will be much help but from what I can tell the packages are priced pretty high. I feel that I can get the same benefits by purchasing everything by itself. I would love to hear why you think that the packages would be of a benefit and if you think that they will save you $. <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
I would recommend you look at the packages and see if you will use most of the extras. In my opinion they are very high priced and we decided not to use them. I looked at the options and found that more than 50% we would not use so the value was not there for us. We ended up with a better hotel with the money we saved on not getting the packages.

If you go to Dreams Resort at this link <a href="http://www.dreamsunlimitedtravel.com/packages/index.htm"> http://www.dreamsunlimitedtravel.com/packages/index.htm </a> you can view what the packages offer to make your decision.
We too found we could save more money by getting everything ourselves.

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We had always gone through a travel agency (local) and when I had the chance to compare what it cost, it was almost dead even with what I found out on my own. Plane fare was the same, ticket prices were the same, when I called on my own, the price I got was actually about $75 more than the agency quoted me - they got it through WDTC except for the plane tickets which they did direct with USAirways. The only difference I found was that with being a DC member we get the $50 in Disney Dollars. Our dates/resort are not currently eligible for any of the "special rates". We don't get elaborate pkgs because we don't want all those meals, etc. :cool:
I agree that the only way to know if a package is cost effective is to price out the package you want and compare to the cost of the individual compnents. Last year I booked resort magic with a TA. She booked through WDWTC. When I tried to compare the cost I found I could do better on the room but for whatevevr reason we had gotten great airfare that made the package more affordable. The meals will be about the same. I know that my family can eat only one large meal per day while at WDW so more than that for us would be a waste. Also eating at sit down restaurants is very time consuming and the waits can be difficult if you have small children. COnsider all these factors before you commit to any package.
Discovery Magic is more $$$$ of the two, if I remember, right? Discovery gives you two choices / extras per day, per person (not that they have to be used per day). There is choice possibilties of a few Disney items, few things to do at resorts, or meals. Last time I was at WDW I got Discovery Magic. Mistake. I did get a few Disney items, but most choices went towards meals. Thought I would enjoy meals at better restaurants in the World than I would normally pay for myself daily. I did. But sometimes I ate too much to feel comfortable. So then I didn't eat. Ultimately, Disney came out ahead dollar-wise. I think that is what usually happens on the Discovery Magic plan.

Speaking of the Magic -- I lucked out. Made a reservation on the phone directly with DCL for cruise. CM reservationist quoted me a price. I accepted and Disney faxed me confirmation. A few days later I got confirmation in the mail. It was less. I called the next day. After reservationist had me holding on phone a couple of minutes, she came back and said mailed confirmation was incorrect. (I was not going to hold DCL to lower / incorrect confirmation.) With no hesitation, CM said Disney will honor the written quote. How much did I save you ask? How about $1,012!!!

Love Disney.


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Hi I don't know if this will help, but we did alot of pricing also,we even tried on our own. We heard about this site on another discussion board they are Dreams Unlimited, we got a nice deal on our Resort Magic package it was 400.00 less then going through,Dinsey now this is for September 8-13. The only thing is it is all done on the computer but if you can save it makes it better. Everything I ever read about them so far has been positive,you should give them a try go to the site , you can even just get a quote aleast you would have something to compare it to. Hope this might help. Good luck


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