Disney on Ice Pins I have...


DIS Old Timer
Jun 1, 2000
I went to the Disney On Ice Jungle Adventure here in Milwaukee tonight, and picked these pins up.
While I realize that they DO NOT have the Disney logo on the back(non tradable in WDW), and aren't quite the same quality as the normal Disney pins(yet still are metal), I wanted to know if anyone was interested in adding these to their collections.

I picked up an extra set tonight, but it's still running tommorrow so would be willing to run and get some more if others are interested. I paid $8 for the whole set, so I'd be willing to trade a single pin for all three of these.

I had two sets of these and was told by different cast members that I could use these for trade as the Disney copyright was on the front. One does have it on the back and the other two have it on the front. I had no problem using them at wdw in March.


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