Disney Monopoly comment :( and Disney Sorry


Nov 7, 2001
Just wanted to say that I LOVE Disney Monopoly EXCEPT the pewter characters are CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!! One of ours has already lost its BASE just bent during normal game play and felkt off *sigh* and a few of the other are going the same way now. Anyone else had this problem? I worte a letter to the company about it.

I was at walmart today and saw disney SORRY so I picked that up too! Hubby loves sorry i find it boringa nd always lose anyways but i figure I might enjoy this version better!
I agree. Just pick up a Star Wars Episode 1 Monopoly and.. My, what a difference in the quality!

But, in general, DS and most Disney brand items aren't always worthy of being seeked for their quality!
We have a star wars monopoly and a few others and the quality isnt bad on any of them which is why I found the disney version dissapointing LOL! Oh well its still tons of fun to play :)
Can you please describe how SORRY looks in a Disney version? I am familiar with regular SORRY and I don't understand how it can be made Disney?:confused: Thanks

Sure the games peices are card board cutouts 4 per color that sit in plastic bases kinda like the kid sin chutes and ladders......

yellow is Cinderella, Snow White. Ariel and Jessie

green Pooh, Simba (baby) Bambi and Dumbo

Red is Cruella, Captian Hook , Malificant I think? and the Mean guy from hercules Hades?

Blue is BUZZ Hercules Peter Pan and Tarzan

Then the gamboard has a film canister look to for each HOME space with the charactors pics on it and a colored film strip as the playing track. Some of the cards have images and things on them like " ARIEL SAVES PRINCE ERIK" "FAIRY GODMOTHER WAVES HER WAND" :POOH MEETS TIGGER" then the move for whatever color the card is for.

I assume the game plays like normal havent had someone old enough to play with home today. Its cute! Had to get it since we get every DISNEY game that comes out!
The Disney Monopolys also doesn't have enough house, aka cottages, for all the properties and doesn't have enough $100 either. We played a marathon game on New Years Eve (5hrs) so we had lots of properties built up. Very disappointing.

I'll have to look for the Sorry game. Has it been out long?

Im glad we weren't the only family playing a marathon Disney MOnopoly game on new years eve. People thought we were crazy!


The lack of houses in Monopoly is part of the challenge! In our marathon sessions (years and years ago!) we used to keep 4 houses even though we could afford a hotel just to keep others from building up! :D
OKay I went and bought The game of life in Monstroplis Yesterday to add to my disney games collection! I also bought the princess game but didnt bring it in the house yet because I feel hubby might kill me over that one LOL! The monsters inc life was fun it goes really quick but I got to be sully so I was happy!

There's only 2 of us who ever play Monopoly and as soon as hubby starts losing he generally quits PARTY POOPER!
Oh I wish I could remember the link that some one posted on mycoupons.com the other week
It was a site that sold game board parts
I thinks it was hasbro??
I remember you could buy monopoly cards, house, game pieces, etc seperate
Could buy operation pieces etc.
It was a cool site cause DD is always loosing game pieces.
I'll try to find it & post if I do
I have had sorry since Christmas. I'm not too sure how long it will last, since it's cardboard pieces. The kids might be a little too hard on them.
POOH CANDYLAND???????????????????????? I have NEVER seen that is it old or fairly new?

OOOH nevermind I found it on ebay how cool!


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