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Tinker Fairy
Dec 21, 2010
Happy Monday everyone!

We have 3 more Mondays!!!!

For this weeks Forget Me Not, I want to remind everyone to download the Navigator app onto your devices.

Here is a clip from Disney's FAQ's:
How can I add the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app to my mobile device?
You can download the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app to your smartphone or tablet from the Apple iTunes App Store℠ for iOS devices or Google Play™ for Android devices store at home or before boarding the ship.
There are several features of the app that are already fully functional and there are features to help prepare you for the cruise. Once we arrive at port there will be other features that will become operational once you connect to the ship's onboard Wi‑Fi (which is complimentary when used for this app only).
The app is very helpful for finding your way around the boat, finding out what is going on at any given time, knowing what is on the menu for that nights dinner, seeing when we will be in port, and checking out that nights main show. It has the same information you will find on the paper version of the daily Navigator, all accessible on your device.
Here is an example of the paper version:
There is no charge to download the app, and you are able to use it on board through the boats intranet (not internet). As long as your phone / device is in airplane mode, you will not use any of your data, and will not have to worry about charges from your cell provider. So, very important TURN AIRPLANE MODE ON BEFORE SAIL AWAY.
I am letting you know now, because I highly recommend downloading before you leave home. If you wait until you arrive at port, you will be fighting for available signal and wifi availability with at least 1000 other people. Our son did not listen to our warning last time, and it took him close to 2 hours to complete the download.
If you are traveling with other family members (especially children that are allowed to carry a smart device with them), make sure each of the devices being brought has the app. For each device, there will need to be a different log in account created. I am suggesting this because the app has a feature that you can use once on board to message with others on the boat that have the app on their device. This is a much better substitution for the wave phone (2 of which are provided per cabin to use for free while on board), as you will not risk the $200 fee for a damaged or lost wave phones. When you log into the app, once on board, you will be given a personal ID number for your device, and anyone with your ID number can message you. If there are others on the cruise, outside of your traveling party, that you want to be able to message, you will need to exchange ID numbers before you can start messaging.
One added bonus to the app is the count down clock that starts counting down to your sail date after download and setting your sail date.
Happy packing,
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Tinker Fairy
Dec 21, 2010
Happy Monday everyone!!!!! After today, there will only be2 more Mondays and 1 more Forget me Nots :hourglass. This week I just want to do a fun reminder, and then next Monday, I will give a check list of what you absolutely need to have out and ready at the port, and a generic packing list for you to do a quick check with.

Today's Forget Me Nots is your Disney Side. princess::earsgirl::earsboy::earboy2:

For many, a cruise vacation gives the image of an older, more serious type of crowd (that is unless you are sailing on one of the competitors "party" ships, and that is not really a kid friendly environment). You may envision dinners with everyone all dressed up, or on board activities that do not require to much involvement such as auctions or reading rooms (possibly a room dedicated to board games). Well, that is not what you will find on Disney.
From the moment you board, you will find fun activities for kids of all ages. At the sail away party, you will be encouraged to dance with the characters party:. Through out the cruise, you will have opportunities to meet and celebrate with the characters :jumping1:. There will be a night that we will be taken over by pirates pirate:, and you are encouraged to dress in your full pirate garb, and join in. You will even get to celebrate the excitement of the holiday season with Mickey and Minnie :santa:! And if we're truly lucky, we may even get to see a snow flurry in the Caribbean!
Nightly activities encourage the kid in all of us to take part in game shows :wave:, and dancing :dancer:. Which reminds me, there are a few dance parties for you to take part in as well :cool1::dogdance:. For those pin traders out there, the officers will invite you to take part in a pin trading event, along with the pin trading that you can do in all of the shops.
If you are not already planning to, I encourage you to dress like your favorite character in formal on our optional semi-formal night. You will be able to spot our family wearing Belle and Beast formals, Unfortunately, Stitch could not make it on this cruise because I am sure everyone would have loved his Elvis formal:stitch: unfortunately. Another opportunity to dress up for, is pictures with the characters :smickey:. If you have a favorite character, watch the Navigator for their appearance so that you can make sure to capture that photo opportunity.
Who out there is a princess lover :wave2:. You don't have to be a kid to love the princess princess:. And when you are cruising with Disney, no one will judge you (the big kids at heart) for wanting to meet, hug, and get the autograph of your favorite.
Basically (as you may hear Peter Pan say), from the minute you leave dry land until you return back to reality, commit to leaving all adult things behind, and to seeing this adventure through the eyes of the kid inside. There is fun and adventure around every turn when you sail with Disney pixiedust:, all you have to do is be open to the fun.
So, while you are packing, save room for your Disney Side. :earsgirl::earsboy::earboy2::charac4::stitch::simba::hmghost::figment::ccat::darth::chewy::tinker::maleficen:tigger::sulley::mickeyjum:goofy::dumbo::donald:pooh::eeyore:

Have a great week.
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Dec 21, 2010
Posting Early!!!
Happy Monday everyone! We have one more Monday before we set sail.
and this is the last Monday Forget Me Not before we set sail. Thus, this is my last chance to make sure I covered it all.
Today is for all of you who have been saying that you are not packed yet, and a final check list for those of you who want to make sure they have everything.

First, a list of Do Not Leave Home without items. Double and Triple check this list, before you leave for the port.

Make sure you have:
-Yourself, and everyone in your traveling party (if you are traveling from different homes, and meeting up later, check in as you are leaving. We do not want any 'Home Alone' incidents - You know this being New York and all).
- All of your parties travel documents - Printed boarding forms, and any forms needed for those traveling with minors (debarkation permission forms, legal guardian forms, etc....these do not apply to everyone).
- Official Identification - Passports, divers license (these are needed for everyone over 16 with a drivers license), birth certificate, foreign id, etc. Double check the required forms of Identification email Disney recently sent out to make sure you have everything you need.
- Confirmation for any parking reservations.
- Cash in small increments - You will want small bills for things like tipping your shuttle driver, tipping those that help you with your bags at the port (usually $1 to $2 a bag), tipping room service, and on shore purchases.

Plan to carry on:
- All of the above (minus parking confirmation)
- Any Wine or beer (these are the only forms of alcohol allowed - limit 2 bottles of wine, or 6 cans of beer per person 21 and older)
- All valuables (limit this to only what is necessary)
- All medications (only prescription - that have actually been prescribed (marijuana, even if it is prescribed, is listed in the. 'Not Permitted' list. It is considered an illegal substance by DCL - or legal over the counter medications)
- All electronics (phones, tablets, laptops, etc...don't forget chargers)...now is a good time to remind you to download the Disney Cruise App before leaving home. Doing so will save you the data usage it will cost to download while on the way to the port or at the port.
- Credit cards
- Sun Screen
- Swim wear if you are daring enough to try to get in the water (forecast calls for a high 49 of and a low of 40)
- Clothes and anything you will need to get ready for that nights dinner (this is just in case your luggage does not arrive before dinner)
- Anything you may want to have autographed (there is a chance you may see Mickey or Minnie during boarding)

Second, a generic packing list for double checking you have everything:
disney packing list snap shot.JPG

See attached file below. If you can not view, I have a shareable version on docs

And finally a before you leave home check list:
pretravel check list snap shot.JPG

See attached file below. If you can not view, I have a shareable version on docs



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