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Sep 24, 1999
Just got our Disney Magazine the other day, and it has an article with 125 "hottest" tips for the parks and cruise line. I agree with most (like how awesome the Absolute Face & Body is and the cool "slide" porthole in the Beat Street area of the Magic), but most were old hat to DISers and the secret porthole rooms and secret deck 7 and 8 aft areas were conspicuously missing, as was the surial! Of course, that's probably a good thing...we DISers need to keep some nice little secrets for ourselves.
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We saw that article too! True, there wasn't much about DCL in there, but there was a lot of good newbie advice for the parks. And some good spreadsheets of resort planning info.
Got mine too. It's pretty cool. I think they should of catergorize it by parks instead of scrambling it.
Did y'all read the article in the front about a guy named Darren
Chiappetta??? His parents live here on HH and are our best
friends. When we go down and stay in our ORL place...they try
to make sure they come too and stay in their house...which is
where Darren lives.

He didn't tell anyone he was going to be featured in the magazine and surprised everyone. He has a Disney Room in
the house...and you would NOT believe all the Disney stuff.

Just thought I'd throw in my two cents worth.

The article is a great "Disney fix," particularly for WDW. I think I have finally convinced Tony to break up our Aug/Sept cruises with a WDW trip, but that still seems so far away. Disney Magazine always cheers me up.
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