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  1. crazybss

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    Aug 2, 2007
    My new husband and I are leaving for our Disney World honeymoon on August 31. I've been to Disney four times and he has never been. I'm so excited to share this wonderful place with him. He's still unsure what he'll make of the place. I have a feeling that he is anticipating a kiddy park. I don't know a single person that has been to Disney and didn't like it. I know that it's so much fun for adults as well as children but, what can I do for my new husband so that he will be excited about our trip? Also, I've seen the cute bride and groom ears and I know a couple tends to get special treatment when wearing them. I was wondering where we can get the ears? Are there additional items like these for newleyweds? What kind of "special treatment" do newleyweds usually get? Also, what other romantic or honeymoon things are available to book, order, purchase, or wear? I was wondering about having a special basket delivered to our hotel room so that it's waiting for us when we arrive. I really want my husband to be completely impressed and have a breathtaking and magical honeymoon.
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    Apr 15, 2007
    Congragulations!!!!! We are also going on a Disneymoon, and you will find there are quite a few others around here as well. I think Disney will be such a FUN place for a honeymoon!
    As for the ears, I know you can get them in alot of the stores around Disney when you get there, and I'm sure there are places online as well, I haven't looked. There are also "Just Married" pins you can get to wear from Guest Relations or when you check in your hotel (if its Disney). I love the idea of having a gift basket delivered, I am planning on doing that too. Another thing I plan on doing is the Coral Reef restaurant and having the diver come to our table w/a sign that says "Hillary Loves Andy", or something like that. Haven't decided yet. The restaurant in Mexico at Epcot is really romantic too, I'm lost on the name at the moment. Also the carriage rides at either POFQ or Ft Wilderness are romantic. Theres really so many things to do, esp if you read around on here for tips and other ladies journals/trip reports, you can find all kinds of ideas. Oh and another thing to wear, you can make tshirts for both of you using iron-ons. Check out the creativity boards for ideas. You can find something or ask for someone to create something, I have some AWESOME stuff one of those ladies made for us.
    Congrats again and good luck w/your planning!
  3. myprincessgirlisa

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    Jan 2, 2007
    hillary did a good job at giving you some great info!!!!

    All i can add is this:

    your DF will NOT be dissappointed...i felt the same way when I took DH for his 1st time & he must have liked it ...cause we got married there & we are taking his parents this year!
    If your super worried about him liking it...avoid the more "kiddie" type attractions & go for the classics & thrill ones

    some extra fun stuff to do is rent those mini boats or go parasailing...maybe mini golf too & im sure he will love pleasure island

    as for the "special treatment"...ive heard some couples got perks & others got just a "congrats".
    I dont want to bum you out....i just dont want you to be upset if the CMs dont come thru with anything...im sure the try their best & i REALLY hope you get lots of MAGIC!!

    Congrats & i wish you the best....oh we'd love to hear about your wedding & see pics when the time comes!!!:goodvibes

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