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Apr 8, 2001
Back from dis about 2 weeks and I am still upset about the food. My trip about 5 mos ago was good and the food was wonderfull. Last trip not so good. Got bad food in a few places but by far the worst was THE SCI-FI DINNER THEATRE. This was by far the worst food ive ever had in my life. Fience agreed as her meal was just as bad. Also the commisary(which used to have great food)changed there menu compleatly. It is now barely more then eatable. If you want good food, stick with epcot. I feel the best food in disney is there. (especially Mexico for mexican and Canada for steak) Oh yeah the hoop de do review and poly lau were wonderful and the food great. Anyone else feel the same or have any other places to become must do or food blew <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">

What do you uys think???

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Thanks everyone and have a magical day.

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We ate at the Commissary in January and the food was awful! Will never go there again. (Oh well, it was easier to stick to my diet that evening - 3/4 of the food went into the garbage instead of my mouth)! :eek:
Must Do!! ( In the yum-yum catgory!)
1. MK- adventureland dole stand
2. crystal palace, you get to eat and hug Pooh!
3. pacos bills - best fixin's bar
4. Epcot- Mexico- inside or out
5. Hoop- de-doo-review, can you carry me to the boat please?

Food Blew!!!!
1.MgM- The comminsary- yuck!!
2.some of the hot dog stands- something thats supposed to be a hotdog on a roll
3. Pizza- If your from the north-east don't go with high expectations!!

:rolleyes: May 2001 P.O. Riverside, I CAN"T WAIT!!!
I keep seeing negative stuff about sci fi and i wasnt gonna add my two cents but i have to. IT SU$%ed. It was horrible and overpriced. i ordered steak and it was just the worst if the food was cheaper and better it would so be the spot.

I liked sci fi. The food was average, atmosphere was good, and it cost me less than counter service at epcot.


IN Tomorrowland the Ice cream,& Smoothie place next to the Venus Store,DD and I got Food poisioning!!!

:mad: <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_redface.gif" alt="red face"> :mad: <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_redface.gif" alt="red face">

The food at sci-fi is really bad. The food at the poly luau is ok, but not worth the money. My two faveorite foods at disney are dole whips and beaver tails.
The frozen Lemonaide!!! it hit the spot on 80+ days!! especially at AK it was so humid!! :D

I don't understand why "they" decided to screw up the menu...For anyone who had eaten there in the past and enjoyed it...I would guess that about 15 months ago, the menu was changed and it now has a bunch of crap on it...the good thing is that the menu is posted outside, so you can find out without going in. We always thought their sandwiches and side items were very creative in the past. I guess we were wrong.
I agree--Mexico has one of the best restaurants around, especially if you order one of "specials" and not just tacos. Lunch prices aren't too bad.

We often go to Artist Point, as well. Worth the money!

Counter-service--Pecos Bill's, good topping bar.
Columbia HH--good all around.
Flame Tree BBQ and Tusker House in AK--tasty and not too expensive.
Did Sci-Fic change their menu, we just got back from WDW, we didn't eat there because there was very little selection and very high prices. We ate there Feb'00 and I think I enjoyed it. This time there were about 8-10 dinner choices ranging from $17- high $20. This visit, my favorite was the Sausage Link in Downtown Disney, cheap, fast, messy, and good (Barb-que pork on a bun)yummy!!
I agree completely about the Commissary...it's absolutely awful.

Otherwise, though, I've had generally positive food experiences at Disney; some very good some mediocre but usually all ok!
Must do -

Eateries in the Land at Epcot - very inexpensive, and the baked potato with broccoli and cheese was perfect for lunch!

50s Prime Time in MGM - food is "heavy, comfort food" - make sure you're hungry! The atmosphere is wonderful, and the S'mores....WOW!


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I have to agree with the smores at 50's Prime Time Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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I used to like the commissary, too. What happened to it? What's the food like now?


commisary changed there menu. They had the best grilled cheese ever ther now they have
-Fish and chips(nasty)
-Bratwort(i love bratworst but this was horrible)
-Noodles (didnt try but the people next to us were complaining)
-even had a weird childrens menu. Not the normal stuff kids want to eat.

definatly a thumbs down

Thanks everyone and have a magical day.

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