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Jan 17, 2002
I was just wondering, I have read about disney dollars. My dd's received some money for a gift. could I change that into disney dollars? if so, where would I do it? Thanks!
You can purchase Disney Dollars at any Disney Store. It is a 1 for 1 exchange (e.g. a $10 DD will cost you $10 cash). I see that you are in Orlando. You also have the option of getting DDs at Disney World. You can get them at any Guest Services location, including the one in Downtown Disney.

We just returned from the Wonder New Year's Eve cruise and had a great time. My boss gave me $300.00 in Disney Dollars for the cruise. I went to Guest Services and put this money on my account and they kept deducting from it each time we purchased something with our card. Someone had given my boyfriends son a Disney Gift Card for Christmas purchased at the Disney Store. This COULD NOT be used on the cruise. He also COULD NOT use it for anything in Downtown Disney. This can only be used at a Diseny Store or for purchases made through their catalog or web site.

Hope this helps.


That's a great idea.

I could really plan ahead if I purchase a few DD$ from each paycheck at my local store!

Sounds like you have a fabulous boss.
I'm sure I'm not the only person to read your post and wonder if you had any job openings...lol!
Thanks IrishCowboy for that bit of info. I never even thought of doing this. Great idea for next time.

Can you spend the Disney dollars on shore?? When we went to Disney World, we paid the kids' allowance with them and they were really excited to spend them. But I don't want to limit them if they want to spend it on things onshore? Particularly in ports like Key West and Cozumel.
No, Disney Dollars aren't real cash. They're more of a "gift certificate" type thing that is printed to look like money with Mickey and friends being the "presidents."

They are good at Disney Stores, Parks, on the ship, etc. However, a regular Disney Store Gift Certificate is only good at the Disney store. If you purchase these, make sure you ask for Disney Dollars specifically.



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