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Feb 28, 2001
I had this as a reply to another post but never got an answer, so I thought I would make it its own post to get an answer. Thanks!

After reading posts my husband and I started saving Disney$ for our next trip. I thought it would be a good way to keep us from spending the money somewhere else before we go down.
I have a couple questions though. One, do they expire? If we don't use them this trip, can I save them for my next trip? And second, you mention that they can be used in WDW, does that mean ANYWHERE in WDW?? Can I use them in the resort food court and at food stands in the parks?


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First, No they do not expire and yes you can save them for another trip.
Second, I have used them to pay for dinner packages, merchandise, hotel rooms and at the Disney Store. They are good anywhere at Disney World and Disney Land. Except at non-disney-owned merchants. Legoworld at downtown Disney for instance does not accept them.
I too save Disney Dollars for our trips but I did have a problem cashing them out at the bank on Main street when I had some leftover. I was told at the Disney store and also when I called Customer relations that I could turn them in to real money but I really got hasseled when I went to do this.If you are saving a significant amount make sure you use it all or break twenties for pop or small purchases in order to get green.
I am also saving disney dollars for next trip...

We were supposed to leave on Tuesday for our disneyworld trip, but something came up at the last minute with my youngest and she has to have surgery at the end of next month and we are having to use our vacation money to pay for her surgery... Although I have a flexible spending acct and will be able to recoup $800 of that money, which will promptly go back towards our trip.. But I went down this weekend and bought $50 disney dollars.. I will start buying $50 each payday.. I have tried actually saving money, but something always needs to be bought and I end up spending the money, so I figure with disney dollars I wont have that problem... I will be able to save up our $1000 saving money with buying disney dollars.. when I get my flexible spending acct money back which will be some time in May, I am using that money to buy our park hoppers. I already have the deposit paid for on the hotel, as I had already paid that and just changed our actual date... so then all I need to save for is the rest of the hotel and the airfare...

I am already looking forward to going again.. so bummed that we had to cancel this trip, but thats ok... we are already saving towards our next one..



Just wanted to say that I hope that all goes well with your daughter's surgery and that you will be off to WDW before you know it!

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