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    Just got back from our Disney Vacation. The trip consisted of my mom, dh, ds 8, ds 4, and dd who just turned 3.

    Disney Resteraunts we Dined Review:

    Boma: We had dinner there on 8/12. It was very good. Seated us immediatly as we checked in. I loved the zebra domes, and Ghanaian salad, and coconut seafood soup. If you want fried plantain go to the chef at one the pods and let them know. They broght me out a whole bowl of friend plantian which is not on the buffet. I wanted to bring my hubby back some food who stayed at the resort to sleep while we went to eat and the waiter told me to go make plates of food and he will box them up. I made two plate fulls of food and he boxed them up to go.:thumbsup2 THey did not charge for my DD's meal nor did they ask her age. I did not notice any construction going on there. We arrived early to explore the lodge and the animals before dinner.

    Garden Grill: We had lunch there on 8/13. They seated us right away for out 11:20 ressies. The resteraunt seemed vey empty at that time. The food was fresh and good. The character interaction was excelent. They gave the children lots of attention and even danced with them. Character came around at least 3xs during lunch. Dessert was a delecious puff cream pastry with fresh berries. The children got to decorate thier own cupcakes. :)

    Storybook Princess: We had dinner ther on 8/13. We were late for our 6:59 ressies. We arrived a little after 7pm and were seated immediatly. The buffet was good. THe kids loved the shimp. I orderded the salmon pasta and my mom orderded the lamb. My pasta was good but I was full from the salad bar which is like ameal in itself. My mom enjoyed her lamb. The kids ordered the pizza, pasta, and my DD orderded hotdog and corn. The princess interation was excelent. There was Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Mula, Ariel, and Sleeping Beauty. Snow White was no where to be seen. Jasmine flirted with my 8 year old son who loved that. :love: They did not charge for my DD's meal even though she orderded from the menu. THey did not ask her age either. :confused3

    Hollywood and Vine Fantasmic Package: We had dinner there on 8/14. We had a 10 minute wait for a table. I thought the buffet selections were plentiful and good. My mom and son did not think the prime roast was as good as Boma, and Garden Grill. I don't eat red meat so I don't know. The kids loved the shrimp on the buffet. I loved the dessert bar which had so many chices as well as make your own sundae. I thought it was a good buffet despite the bad reviews.

    Picinicho VIllage Haus: We had lunch there on 8/15. We ordered several pizzas and shared. They were not Pizza Hut but they were ok. We had lunch there around 11:30am and ther were no lines at all to order the food and plenty of tables at that time.

    Animal Kingdom Dolold Breakfast: 8/16 We had the Donaod Breakfast ressies for 8am but we were running late and arrived around 8:20am. We waited around 5 minutes to be seated. The breakfast buffet had plenty of choices and the food seemed hot and fresh. The character interaction seemed rushed compared to all of the other character meals so far. Our waitress played the katsup squirt joke on my mom and she almost had an heart attack.:rotfl2: It was a cute but rushed breakfast. Again they did not charge for my daughter nor ask her age. She is not small and is over 40 inches in height.:confused3

    Tusker House: We had lunch there on 8/16. We went there around 12:30pm after watchin the Kenyan acrobats perform in from of the resteraunt. I had the roasted chicken and mashed potatoe. My husband and mom had the chicken with jellof rice. My husband loved the jellof rice and went back to get more. My kids had the mac and cheese kids meals and and chicken and fries. They ate every bit. The lines were not long at that time but the table were full. We found a table in the school house room right when we entered. At the CS resteraunts we find a table first and everyone sits down while I go and order the food.

    Sunshine Season: We had lunch there on 8/17. We had lunch here at 12pm. The lines were not long and we found a table right away. The food seemed fresh and good. I had the salmon and mashed potates. My husband had the rosted chicken and rice. He liked this chicken better than Tusker House. My DS 8 had the adult salmon meal with salad as well as a mac and cheese kis meal. My other 2 kids ahd the mac and cheese. Meal. I found the CM there and very rude and downright nasty to me when I orderded their meals. :sad2:

    BlueZoo: My husband and I had dinner here on 8/17 whild the kids went to Camp Dolphin. The atmosphere was nice but the food was not good. This wa sour worst meal of our entire trip. My husband had the whole lobster and it was nasty. I orderded the crab spheghetti and that was aslo nasty. We just packed up the food to go and thought mabae we could force ourselves to eat it later. But we couldn't.:sick: It was nice to get a break from the kids though.;) They had a good time at Camp DOlphon and the fed the kids pizza and popcorn for dinner which was also free with the 2 free hrs there.

    Liberty Tree Tavern:
    We had dinner ther before the P &PP on 8/18. We were late for our 4pm ressies. We arrived around 4:30pm adn were seated right away. The food was ok but very filling. The kids loved the mac and cheese.:) I enjoyed the bread and salad. We had a yummy apple clobber a la mode for dessert. The character interaction was good once again. They did not charge for my DD jet again. My DD sits in a high chair when we go to resteraunts because she is very active and it is the oncly way for her to sit still and eat. I guess the assume she is ababy because of this.:confused3 Oh Well!! She eats alot but probably not $12 worth of food. ;)
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    Top 3 Meals:
    2.Garden Grill
    3.Princes Storybook

    Worst Meal:
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    Thank you for sharing! I was glad to see some feedback about Blue Zoo
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    Enjoyed reading your reviews ~ Thanx for posting.

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