Disney Club- Is it a real value?


Earning My Ears
Jan 17, 2001
I'm going to WDW with my 19 year old little sister(Its her graduation present, she's such a sweet wonderful girl...sorry , I had to brag a bit).

I already have a nurse discount for the Dolphin (Hallelujah!). We will be staying 8days, 7nights.

Would it be worth it for me to buy a Disney Club membership, based on discounts I'd get for other services...souveniers, food, transportation, park hopper passes.....?

Thanks again, You've all been such a great help to me so far in planning my August trip!! :D

Sharkie :D
It did help with discounts on tickets and getting a room, as a opposed to the per person charges.

I just WISH I had remembered to use the card on food and shopping!!They sure don't ask if you have a discount.

If are an Annual Passholder or if you have an American Express card or an AAA membership, I would not bother with DC.

DC gives very few discounts on meals, and the ones that are available are at the non-Disney restaurants in Downtown Disney. These restaurants give the same or better discounts for AP, Amex and AAA.

Likewise for shopping and entertainment -- in most cases you can get the same or better discounts with AP, Amex or AAA.

Basically, the DC does not seem to offer that many good discounts if you know about all the other discounts that are out there! You can check out my site if you'd like to learn more about alternative discounts:

If you're going with a park hopper ticket you can get about the same discount if you buy in advance from AAA or the link on this website.
If you want to buy an unlimited magic pass or buy when you check in the Disney Club gives you about 5% discount. The exact rates are in the main section of this website.
The DC gives you 10% discount on most purchases in the Disney Stores and DD (but not in the theme parks).
The food discounts are not worth much.
I just broke down and ordered a DC. Why? The $29 fee was paid for as soon as I bought my Annual Passes. I also heard that the National Car rental discounts are quite good.

-- Robin
The reason I think it's worthwhile, is that you then get the 'hotline' number to call in. When you make your reservations, you can usually get a discount on the room, always on the park passes, but you can also AVOID the Flex features. When you figure out what these *free* Flex features cost, versus buying things seperately, they work out to approximately $90 each. That's a really expensive breakfast, T-Shirt or whatnot.
On our last trip I flashed the DC card all over and never once did I get a discount.This month my son (valid user) did the same thing during Spring Break and was denied any discounts everywhere we used to get them. They have discontinued the one day ticket discount. They have raised the minimum purchase at the Disney Store to get a discount and Geradelli's doesn't even discount purchases anymore. Boy have times changed! I will not be renewing.
I hate to hear that I just ordered mine a few days ago and was hoping it would be of some use for our trip in May. :(
It paid for itself just in passes. I use it all the time. It is not valid in the parks but downtown disney and the hpotel it is very helpfull. as far as hotel discount. You may want to check our hotel link at the top of this page. Chances are you may be able to beat the nurse rate. Give it a try. Congrats and enjoy the vacation. :)

Thanks everyone and have a magical day.

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I just saved $24 more off my existing National Car reservation which I thought was good to begin with. Total savings so far: $54.

-- Robin
I got the DC a month ago and was initially disappointed in pass discounts, etc - AAA is better - but my DC paid for itself when I stumbled upon a major 50% sale at the local Disney store. I bought plenty of t shirts, outfits and a few souvineer type items for 50% off then another 10% for DC card. I also purchased upcoming bday presents for a neices, etc... Now I can avoid the stores while at Disney and the kids still have great clothes and toys for the trip.
15% sometimes 20% on National Car Rental,

Free membership in National Car Rental Emerald Isle Club $50 value. I got a Mitsu Montero Sports (SUV) for the price of a intermediate.

Discount on Annual passes.

Discount on Rooms/food.

Discount at DQ, DD and DS

Quarterly Disney Magazine with more discount coupons.

Free membership in Entertainment Card. You can get an entertainment card when you join the Disney Club. It has an entertainment card icon on the back of the disney card itself. You can use it for discounts on rooms Swan/dolphin $129/nite and food. Lots of restaurants coupon on (i.e. buy one entre get secoond free up to $25 off)
http://www.entertainment.com site. Put in zip code 34747 for those around WDW.

Every little bit helps.
;) :cool:

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The way I see it, I used it once so far this year. I got $50 Disney Dollars upon check in, Over $200 off on the hotel and tickets, discounts at several restaurants that we ate at, and a discount on Disney Merchandise.

How can you not say it's worth it. Oh, and you get a disney magazine for a year!
My understanding is that you can only get the 50 Disney dollars if you book a package. I can't speak for those traveling to different resorts or at different times of the year, but for us booking a package would have been far more expensive than making plans a la carte. This is especially true because we are staying at a budget resort (***) which only has discounts during value season. I was lucky enough to get a different kind (not DC) of discount applied to my peak season reservation, and if I were to switch to a DC package I'd be paying rack rate for the room.

Because we already knew we were planning a trip for this year, I went ahead a paid for the DC membership, but I won't renew. Because I bought park hopper tickets at a DC discount months ago (before the 2001 rate increase) I did save enough to pay off the membership.

But, otherwise, compared to the much better discounts that used to be offered as part of the FREE (though my office) Magic Kingdom Club, the discounts offered by the DC are pretty sad. Hotel discounts are much less available than they used to be, as are restaurant discounts.

Unless I'm mistaken, there are almost no dining discounts left in the parks themselves and the merchandise discounts that remain in DD mostly have minimum purchase requirements (NOT the way MKC used to be, I think). The decent discounts that remain (Disney Quest, water parks, etc.) are almost all also available if you have an AP or AAA or AmEx.

As for the Entertainment discounts . . . I thought that was great, but now it's starting to seem that, while there are benefits, that they may be somewhat limited compared with "normal" Entertainment benefits obtained by buying the coupon book.

Mine has paid itself off in ticket discounts, but, otherwise, has done me little good. I'm glad to have one more discount option to try and use on our trip, but I do think that you have to work at it to get a real savings.
Don't forget you get a discount with the DC at LeCellier in Epcot!

I bought the Disney Club card. I am planning to get the discounts on my park hopper passes and I have already taken advantage of the 10% off at Disney Store many times. BUT...I got my card in Jan. and have YET to see a disney magazine...has anyone else had this trouble?
Muffy, I hadn't heard that (about a discount at Le Cellier) anywhere else. How much of a discount is it? Thanks. :)

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