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Mar 25, 2001
My understanding is that, as a Disney Club member, that I can receive Entertainment discounts and am entitled to free enrollment in National's Emerald Aisle.

My questions . . . in order to benefit from being a member of Entertainment, I only have to show the logo on the back of my Disney Club card. I have no coupon book. Am I entitled to the same discounts (particularly rental car discounts) without an actual coupon? If not, am I entitled to a free book? Or are my Entertainment perks via DC limited?

Do I need to do something special to enroll in the Emerald Aisle program?

Also - it seems that others have been able to combine DC, Entertainment, AND Emerald Aisle benefits for especially deep National discounts. What is the best way to bundle these together successfully? Just call and ask? The last time I called I got an exceptionally high quote, even after telling them about my various discount programs.

I can only help with part of your question. I just emailed the Emerald Aisle question contact and asked about the Disney Club membership entitling me to a free emerald aisle membership. I received an email back the next day and the complimentary membership form in less than a week. All I had to do was call them to enroll then and fax the membership enrollment form to them. The only thing I noticed is that they have the old Magic Kingdom Club contract ID on it so you will always want to make sure you use the current one or you won't get a discount. And actually they have taken the emerald aisle benefit off of the Disney Club website...so I would recommend joining ASAP in case they are going to discontinue that benefit.

Good Luck!
I was just looking through the Member Welcome Kit for the Disney Club. It says The Entertainment benefits are on the Disney Club website (www.disneyclub.com). I went there and Entertainment is listed on the first screen after you log in. Click it and it takes you to a search screen where you can put in your zip code to find available discounts in your area. They are not the same as the regular Entertainment coupon book, up to 20% on food places (the Entertainment book is usually buy one/get one free) and most listed are fast food/pizza, not the nicer restaurants. Other than the National Car Rental discounts for Disney Club listed on the site, I don't believe you can use the regular Entertainment Coupon #'s without the actual coupon.
Emerald discount is for people who are members of National's Emerald Club. It is usually $50 per year to join the Emerald Club, but you can get a "fee waived" card through the Disney Club or some corporate travel departments. The Emerald Club discount is 10% to 20%. It also gives you access to the Emerald Aisle, which is a special section of cars in National's lot and you don't have to stand in line at the counter, you go directly to the lot and do the paperwork at the booth on the way out (check the thread on Emerald Aisle on the Transportation Board for details).
as for entertainment discount. You will need the eb coupon and card. The logo on the DC card does not count....

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