Disney club - discounts on food?


Earning My Ears
Dec 16, 2000
We're thinking of joining the Disney club for our trip in mid-April. Does anyone know if there are any discounts for restaurants at Disney? From what we can tell, it is not worth the $40 to join since we don't care about Dis magazine and already have tickets.
These are the restaurants that I know of that offer a 10% discount (not many anymore):

Rainforest Cafe in DD (I don't know about the AK)
Planet Hollywood
House of Blues 20%
All Star Cafe (Wide World of Sports)

10% off on purchases of $25 or more at World of Disney, Team Mickey, Pooh Corner, Disney at Home, Disney's Days of Christmas, Mouse House and DTV

Hope that helps. :)


<font face="comic sans ms" font color=#9900FF font size="4"><marquee direction="right" align="middle" behavior="alternate">Disneyworld, were dreams really do come true!!</marquee> </font>

<font face="comic sans ms" font color=#3333FF>All Star Movies May 1999 </font>
<font face="comic sans ms" font color=#FF66FF>All Star Movies May 2000</font
Thanks! Is the discount on House of Blues really 20%?!? That would be great, since we're planning to eat there anyway.

Anyone else know of any others?
If you have an American Express card or an Annual Pass, you can get the same (sometimes better!) discounts at those same restaurants.

I believe the discount at The House of Blues is 10%. I think the 20% is on the Sunday Gospel brunch.
I believe the HoB discount is for lunches, or very early dinners and it is 20%.


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