Disney Club discount saved me real bucks at FW


Earning My Ears
Jan 6, 2001
I have read other threads on this site that had mixed feelings about joining the Disney Club. Because my employer is a corporate member, my membership cost me $29 which I figured I would make up with ticket discounts (I have to buy six adult passes).
Anyway, I called the DC information line and asked if they had any discounts at Fort Wilderness. I had already made reservations for three families in early June. Disney canceled my original reservations, and reconfirmed them using my 10% discount through my DC membership, which saved me a little over $150 on the total over the three sites. On top of this I will get a 20% discount on my Hoop de do Review tickets ($50 savings on my six tickets), and I will still get discounts on my park hopper passes, miniture golf tickets, water parks, and pleasure Island.
All in all I figure my $29 DC investment will save me around $250 on my vacation. Not bad.
I'm a DC member and I think I get my money's worth out of my two-year membership, with tickets and FW discounts and Disney Store discounts, and Downtown Disney discounts too!

I realize that the discounts aren't as plentiful as the former MKC discounts, but it's still worth the money to me!

- Rhonda :-)
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I have the DC and used it to get my ressies for FW. I got a preferred site for 10 nights, with tax and my discount it came to $569.00. It was a discount off the regular price. Because I had them quote me that price first before I told them I was a DC memeber.

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