Disney Club Card


Earning My Ears
Mar 2, 2001
Is this card worth the $40.00 you pay for it and how much do you save off of the park hopper passes?


****Remember it all started with one little mouse****
I understand it saves 5%.

I think it's a good deal, for example, for 2 adult and 2 children, 6 day park hoppers, it's about $800, so 5% is about $40 less.

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We live near Baltimore and often frequent the ESPN Zone there. This particular ESPN zone has a good sized gaming room on the top floor with vitual reality & other sports games. If you show your Disney Club Card when you are buying/putting money on the cards used for gaming, ESPN Zone will double the amount you put on. Last time we were there I put $20 on two cards - they matched $20 on each = a $40 savings! There is info on this promotion on the DC website. They ask you to print the coupon and show it when buying, but all I had to do is show them my DC card.
good discounts on rental cars thru Natinal and an 800 number to use for making PS dining reservations.


I was a Magic Kingdom Club member and thought it was worth it. But, we lost most of the benefits when they changed it to the Disney Club Card.
No discounts at restaurants.
No special rates at the resorts.
Well, there isn't really any sense in listing all the things it DOESN'T have. Here is what it does have.
A subscription to the Disney magazine
Coupons for discounts on specific resorts at specific times.
Coupons for discounts on specific merchandise.
I believe that it still gives a discount on annual passes, also.I
DC card gives you a 10% discount off purchases at TDS, Disney Catalog, and in five stores at DD in WDW. Guess it depends on your shopping habits, but for me, it is worth it! (Just got the cutest beach frames at TDS for $10 each on sale and with my DC discount!)


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