Disney Club and Entertainent Card -2 questions

zoe dog

Jan 6, 2001
(two questions; kind of long; sorry) We aren't going until June 2002. I assume that we should wait until July 2001 to get a DC membership since it's only good for a year and we'll want it to be in effect while we're at WDW. We have a looooooong drive to Florida, and plan to try to stay at hotels where we can get 50% off by using the Entertainment card that's part of becoming a DC member.

My first question is this: If the Entertainment card is part of the DC deal, does it expire when the DC membership does (in other words, for us, in July 2002)?? Or will it expire at the end of 2001 the way that it would it you bought an Entertainment card book through a school fundraiser?

Second question: If we want to try to get a DC discount on our resort (FW Cabins), do we need to wait to make our reservations until we get the DC card, or can we make the reservations now and then when we get the DC card this summer can we call and see if we can get a discount??

Sorry so long. Thanks!
The Entertainment card is just the Disney Card with the EC logo on it so they must expire together.
When I have booked using my DC discount in the past, MS has asked for my card number when I called. But you never know.
Good luck.

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We recently booked a couple of nights using the entertainment logo from the DC. They did not ask us the number, but did say to show the card at check-in. We didn't have the DC card in had when making the booking and that didn't seem to matter at all. Good luck.




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