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Jan 19, 2001
O.K. Maybe this is old news, but it is new news to me...I just got back from WalMart and they had Kelloggs Disney cereal! I got Mickeys Magix (turns the milk blue), Poohs Hunny Bs( honey graham poohs), and Buzz Blasts ( purple & green buzzs and rockets)! I am worse than a kid! I have never seen these before has anyone? They were $2.50 a box and I had $1.00 Kellogg coupon so they were a steal! They are almost too cute to eat :crazy:! I love them!

I've never seen that before. Thanks. Maybe it will make these 18 days go by a little easier. Course, when the trip is done, we'll be too depressed to look at it, never mind eat it.:rolleyes:
Our local Pathmark grocery store in Central New Jersey has the Kellogg's Disney Cereals on sale next week, 2 for $3.98. Choice of Magix Disney, Hunny B's or Buzz Blasts. Must buy two.
I knew it was coming but I didn't now it was already out on store shelves!! YEAH!!:D
I hope it's already in my area! I'll have to go to the store tomorrow to look!:D :D

No, unfortunately there was no prize, but the boxes are adorable...really! There are games on the back for the kids and all the cereals are over 13 oz. so it's a good deal too!

I'm going to have to look for these today. Thanks for telling us.

Got some this week. They are really good. My family of 5 went through a whole box of the Hunny B's in 1 day. We were just snacking on them right out of the box. Unfortunately, I had to go back to the store to get some more.:D
We bought some of the Magic cereal the other day. It actually tastes really good. Very comparable to Lucky Charms. They also had the Pooh one, but I did not get that one. Saw the Buzz one on the box, but not at the store. They were on a promo 2 for $5.
I was just shopping at super walmart this am and picked up all three havent tried em yet a little afraid of the blue mil thing LOL! They looekd good though!
How exciting. My kids usually eat "good" cereal such as Cheerios and Kix, but I let them splurge while on vacation. I will have to get these cereals for our February trip!! Plus, maybe since they are so good, the kids will eat faster so that we can get out the door and into the parks that much faster!:bounce: :pinkbounc
you said they turn the milk colors, how about fingers? Can my kids eat it w/o milk for a snack to take into the park? Just don't want to deal with blue fingers all day. Thanks
I, myself have eaten a few handfuls and my hands didn't turn blue. To me it's like Lucky Charms, only better. Little hands would likely be OK.
I am taking my Girl Scout troop for a five day wdw and 3 day cruise June 2004. On Feb 1 we are having a parent/girl/chaperone information night with lots of stuff that I find onthese boards. Kind of a "This is what we are getting ourselves into" night. Along with the WDW video and the Cruise Video to watch, we are having Disney and tropical snacks. The cereal, mixed with other stuff makes a great granola mix. What a great idea!!
Got some at Wal-mart today. The ladies were stocking and restocking the shelfs.It was going like hot cakes! DS loves dry ceral for snacks and we could not resist!

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My 9yo ds loves Mickey Magix! He's been working on mastering the tricks on the back of the box. He really wanted the Buzz cereal -- until he got a good look at the color of the cereal. He handed me the box back and said, "I don't know about those colors, Mom.....looks sorta gross to me!" LOL
Finally found it at the store by us today!! They had the Buzz & Winnie the Pooh cereal but were all out of Mickey.
We opened the Buzz cereal today and DS loved it. He had me taste it and it was good. I don't even want to know how much sugar is in the stuff but he could eat worse I quess.

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