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Discussion in 'Home Interior' started by ImaDizneyNut, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. ImaDizneyNut

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    Dec 31, 2005
    Im redoing my 5 1/2 year olds bedroom in the CARS theme.
    We went and bought him a new high loft, paint (blue, red & yellow), the whole CARS themed bedding. My mom got him a CARS lamp, pillow, throw blanket and laundry bunket for Xmas. I'm getting the sandylion CARS border and wall stickers. and I'm getting him the CARS themed Blind.
    I thought I'd share since the link since they came out with more and more DIsney themed ones.

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    Feb 7, 2001
    Oh Oh, I should not have seen your post!! It is going to cost me $ :lmao:

    We are currently doing our 5 yr old's room in cars. He's decided now that he turned 5 he "graduated" beyond his Toy Story decor (which is not that old mind you since he used to have Pooh as an infant and toddler).

    I was smart when I did the Toy Story thing that I didn't go hog wild in accessorizing in total theme. He has an Ikea loft bed and storage bins all in bold colors that all seem to "go" together, and since the toy story charactars all have the brighter colors, we just kind of did "retro" and spaceship/star accents with those wall stickers everywhere and got a thrift store Buzz/Woody comforter and all his myriads of Toy Story toys that became "accessories". I framed some of our Disney photos of him with the Toy Story characters and had a litho that we had gotten from a movie purchase and his framed stock certificate for Pixar.

    Now he is purging the Buzz/Woody stuff though I'm trying to talk him into a Pixar/Disney theme so I can get away with merging the whole lot together :rotfl:

    So far we took some money last week and he had to decide how to spend it since when it was gone, so was his shopping spree. Even a 5 yr old learns that $100 doesn't go very far in today's shopping scene. He got a throwrug, and a new sheet set and a beanie pillow pal of McQueen and Wall Stickers, and doesn't have much left. I'm using his Cars cars as accessories on his little shelf, and he has a photo with Mater at the car show I'm going to frame. His uncle gave him a "linticular" poster from Cars they got from Best Buy when they pre-ordered their movie. Trying to be creative without breaking the bank and may go back and get some more of the wall stickers since they are fun and easy to personalize everything with - storage bins, closet doors etc. But then now I have been enlightened on these blinds - OH NOT A GOOD THING!! Stinking cute!!! I had seen them ages ago when they had very limited characters etc, but they have expanded. I'll hve to post again if I'm naughty and really splurge on these. Thanks for the "heads up"

    Jen a.k.a. Noah's mom
  3. ImaDizneyNut

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    Dec 31, 2005

    That's so funny because I was going to Zach's room Toy Story about 2 years ago but never got around to it :)

    Here's what we have done or in the process of doing for the CARS themed room
    >The blind cost me $236.00 (with tax and shipping) (it's on the way should be here tomorrow)
    >The Wall stickers and border should be here tomorrow of Monday
    >Paint: Blue, yellow and red
    >I put 400 (yes 400) glow in the dark stars on his ceiling since it goes with that sceen of the movie where McQueen is checking out the sky.
    >Zach has the whole CARS cars collection that is sitting on the shelf on his desk.
    >the CARS maganets are on his Desk dry erase board.
    >I bought a talking alarm clock lamp (lowes $50.00 target.com $100.00 I got mine from lowes)
    >I bought the trash can, the bath mat shaped like mcqueen (that will go infront of his dresser), the sheet set, the comforter, pillow.
    >he has a mcqueen shape nightlight, a throw blanket and throw pillow
    >you know that fuzz art? I found a mater one and a mcqueen one. I let him color it. I will place them in photo frames and they will go on the wall
    >We have photos of Zach with Mater and Zach with Mcqueen they are in frames and might be going on the wall as well.

    I'm sure his room as more CARS stuff in it but for the life of me I'm to lazy to go upstairs and look LOL

    If you need any info on the info I have PM me I will try to tell you where I got them and how much they were. :)

    I can't wait to get this whole room finished and post photos.

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