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Discussion in 'The College Board' started by wayoutshay, May 8, 2017.

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    Apr 4, 2017

    So, I'm planning for applying for the DCP when applications open late this summer. Even though I would enjoy many different roles in the DCP, I've always wanted to be a parade performer!

    So I want to be very prepared for the audition. I danced my last 3 years of high school (ballet, jazz, contemporary, and tap), so I have dance experience, but am by no means a professional dancer. I've seen a lot of videos talking about the audition and, from what I understand, there's basically a easy dance and a hard dance.

    Does anyone know what level of experience is usually needed? I feel confident about the easy part, as people usually describe it in detail, and I know that I can do those types of steps even if the routine is different. It's the advanced part I'm concerned about. I'm prepared to put in extra effort in preparation for the audition, but it's hard to tell what exactly I need to work on. Do I need to focus on leaps and turns or more musical theater based steps?

    Any information helps a ton!! Thank you!!! :)
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    May 10, 2017
    Wow, you are really very talented. Just keep on the confidence that you have, it will take you to the success further.
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    Parade Performers are very seldom hired as CPs. I can only recall one or two people on my CP that were hired as parade performers and first and foremost, they were character performers. Parade performers get paid more so a lot of part time and full time entertainment fill those slots up as well as equity performers. From what I can remember of those two CPs and those who saw them audition, they had quite a bit of training and were basically pro-dancers. Knowing the parades and shows themselves that you'd be hired for most likely, musical theater is the smarter route but an all around know-how of dance would be helpful because I think that's what makes the "hard dance" hard. Hope this helps a little!
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Like an earlier poster said, it is a bit hard to be a parade performer as a CP. I've only ever known about two or three, too, so it is rare. That's not to say it can't be done, because it can. I think your chances are better to try for the fall DCP rather than the spring because of the seasonal parades. They would be more inclined to use a CP for those parades rather than in the spring when there are not Halloween or Christmas parties.

    The second dance progresses in difficulty as it goes along. There is almost always a turn in it, but as far as I know no leaps.
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    Aug 12, 2010
    Sorry I'm late to the game - If you've already gotten the info you need, feel free to ignore. Also, I'm speaking from my experience from my fall 2004 program, so things may have changed since then.

    PP are correct, you will be cast first and foremost as a Character Performer in college program and everyone - including face characters - are trained and start in fur. There is no guarantee to be cast regularly in a parade, however, you may occasionally get scheduled for a parade fur character when you first start. There are more parades in the fall, especially since there is not a night parade at MK right now, so if you have a choice, try to apply for fall advantage or at least the fall program.

    Your audition will have a pantomime portion and a dance portion. Based on how you do you get assigned a color code that will tell the schedulers what roles you are qualified to do in parades or shows. The audition is more about how quickly you can pick up the dance. If you have technique they can tell right away - they're more concerned with how well you can learn a routine in a few weeks. It takes a while to get your color code back, which is why I would suggest trying to do the fall advantage. It gives you time to get your code and get to know the mangers before they start casting for Halloween and Christmas. It's not required, but it helps. (I have a friend who was friends with Cindy and Belle who was on the regular fall program and she was cast as a dancer in the Showboat/Splash Mountain unit for the Christmas parade that year.) Regular parade characters tend to need a higher color code if you're going to do something other than wave on a float.

    Watch videos of the parades and the shows, those are the types of steps you will be doing for your auditions. Practice learning new routines, you will do great. I was cast in the Christmas Parade when I was there as were quite a few of the other CPs who were in my initial training group. It's a lot of fun, as is all of the Character Performer stuff. Good luck!

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