Discover Deal 3-Day Tickets Expire after 30 Days


Jul 30, 2000
I read about the Universal Buy 2 days get 3rd day free promotion if you pay with Discover on this board and called. One key thing I learned was that unlike the normal 3-day tickets, the Discover promotion 3-day ticket expires 30 days after the 1st day is used. Still a good deal if you're planning to go for 3 days anyway. Maybe not a good deal if you wanted to buy the 3-day and save the 3rd day for some future vacation!

Happy vacationing everyone!
This is a very important issue especially since the 3rd day of a 3 day ticket is less than $20 more than a 2 day so if you're NOT going to use it in the 30 day period, it pays to get the regular 3 day because the 3rd day never expires.

I remember one trip where I used only 2 of the 3 days and didn't return until 4 months later and then used the 3rd day!


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