Discover Card discount on tickets info needed


Apr 28, 2001
I know I've seen the info somewhere on this site, but I can't find it now....can someone please point me in the right direction...

Thank You!

CindyZ in CT, and Mom of 3!
We just returned from Universal and I of A. We used our Discover Card to purchase two days and received a third free. I just called Universal's 800 number and asked for that discount. The tickets were mailed right away.

You could also purchase at the park. As you're approaching City Walk there's a continuous advertisement for the Discover Card offer.

Have fun.
Just called Universal ticket sales office and was told the promotion for Discover Card for 3rd day free is with the purchase of a vacation package and you cannot get the 3rd day free with purchase of theme park tickets only. I was hoping we could get our 3rd day free for our trip in October. :(
You need to call again and talk to someone else. It is definitely for park passes too. I spoke with them over the phone and also received a mailing from discover card!!

Mom of teens
Thanks for the information. I think I will just order my tickets on-line through the discover card 3rd day free offer (where eyeore100 stated: THANKS) Obviously, some of the people that work for Universal ticket sales are not aware of this offer.
Good thing everyone on this discussion board is right on track. Thank you everyone for all the info.! :D
I was at USF on Wednesday and I asked at the Vacation Center. The official response is the 3 days must be used within 30 days of purchase. There had to be a catch.


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