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Feb 19, 2001
We will be at Ft. Wilderness staying in a preferred site, AP passholder discount starts on during our stay CRO stated they could not guarantee that we would not have to move our camper if we made seperate reservations in order to obtain discount. Savings is about $30.00 per night. I hate to miss out on discount but I don't want to move either, has anyone ever had 2 seperate reservations and if so have you had to move? I plan on faxing my loop request in and was hoping if I fax request for both reservation #s that I wouldn't have to move!!!! Help my husband would rather pay standard rate rather than take a chance on moving camper!

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Hi disneycampingmom,

We did this last year and did not have to move.
We camped at FW starting with Memorial Day
weekend from 5/26 to 6/4/2000. They did not
offer AP discounts for the holiday but I could
get the discount starting the tuesday after.
It was never an issue with us. We just
gave them both comformations at check in and
they must have taken care of it then. I did
have to go back up later to check in for the
second reservation but we did not have to move.
You might try calling FW direct and ask them
what your chances of moving are. The phone #
is 407-824-2900. Good luck.


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As long as both reservations are for the same category of site, there is no reason that you ought to have to move. Just make sure you have the same type of site (preferred vs. partial hook-up, for example). You will have to visit the check-in desk early in the day on the first day of the second reservation, close out your account and get the new resort ID cards. We've done this. It's not any extra trouble for the resort staff so go ahead and make the ressies that suit you! :)
My sister had 2 ressies for a FW home. She got all but the last night of her stay at an AP rate and then had 1 night at the regular rate. They told me (she let me "play" with her ressies to get her the best deal - a week before she left, I managed to save her $700 :) ). They told me to advise her that there was the possibility she might need to move, but they never did. I would definitely take advantage of any discount you can get!

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Not that you would want to invoke such a statute, but Florida law states that an innkeeper can not, under any conditions, remove a "tenant", provided that the tenant has the ability to pay for said accomodations. While they may request that you move, they will not force you to move. How about 'dem apples?

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When our family stayed at FW in November/December, I had 6 separate reservations. We have done this for years, and they have never made us move. They just have to let you know "in the event it does happen".
We have had seperate ressies as well and have never had to move during our stay. Happy campin!


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This is sort of the same. I had 2 ressies (for discount reasons) at DxL last year. I asked MANY times NOT to be moved. Just to make sure. And we weren't. I was worried though.
Well, the whole funny thing is we did wind up moving, it was just because we hated DxL and went and stayed at the WL. :D

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Thanks for all your responses. I was able to get the discount for 14 nights of our stay and saved almost $400.00 also added an extra night just as a bonus. Only have two reservations now, one for the first night and then one for the last 14. Only 9 days and counting.
Thanks Again!!!!
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