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    Aug 18, 1999
    A message from Pete Werner:

    I'm pleased to announce that after many months of trying, we are finally ready to soft-open our Auction site!! DISAuctions is now officially on line. Since we will be in a test phase through the month of September, we're waiving fees for auction listings and auction sales. We have a number of good items already listed, and we invite everyone to browse, list or bid!! We are giving sign up credits as follows:

    - $10 credit when you create a new account (keep in mind that credits are used to pay auction fees, not purchases or winning bids).

    -$10 credit when you refer someone to our auction.

    Site sponsors will receive special credits to their accounts as follows:

    - Silver Sponsors - $10 credit
    - Gold Sponsors - $20 credit
    - Platinum Sponsors - $30 credit
    - Gold & Platinum Lifetime Sponsors - $100 credit

    In order to get the credit, sponsors will need to send an email to disauctions@disboards.com with their email address and Site Sponsor user name.

    Also, we will allow visitors to post links to their DISAuctions in their signatures (and ONLY to their DISAuctions, not to Ebay auctions).

    So, please go check it out and use the feedback link on the site with any problems or suggestions you have (or just email disauctions@disboards.com).

    Thanks, and enjoy!

    <a href="http://www.disboards.com/cgi-bin/auction/main.pl">CLICK HERE to go to the Auction site</a>


    Pete Werner Founder / Webmaster The Unofficial Disney Information Station

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