DIS meeting at RFC Yorkdale ºoº IT WAS GREAT ºoº


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Oct 27, 2000
Hi all, I just got in from the DIS meet at RFC. I put ds to bed, dh and dd are at the park and I get to play on computer for a little while!

It was so fun to meet everyone! It's great to learn Disney info from these boards, but it's even better in person! I asked lots of questions and got great info THANKS!

I am looking forward to the NEXT DIS meet ~ hopefully this summer!

Meeting everyone today and talking DISNEY made me feel as if I were THERE!


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Well, the only reason you beat me to the boards is because you left early, SandraC. :) I had an absolutely wonderful time and I'm also looking forward to a summer meet. Thanks to Snowwark for organizing it, and I'd just like to say thanks for the lovely flowers, too. Now how many Dis meets could there possibly be where the arranger hands out a lovely daffodil plant to every family? What a nice gesture.

Everyone I met was just as nice as I hoped they would be. Let's hope our next meet attracts even more families.

Thanks again,


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Sounds like you guys had a great time.I am so sorry that I had to cancel :( I will definately be there next time as long as there is no soccer tournaments. ;)
Boy you guys are quick!! :) We just got home. We would have been here sooner, but I just HAD to stop and buy some Godiva chocolates! :D

It was great to meet everyone, Sandra & Gary and their kids Emily & Evan (Sandra C), Catherine & Penny (Tigercat & Bizzibee), Taryn, Kathy & Len and their DD Ginny (Baboo, Mleo, & Minnie Ginny), Julie and her two DSs Tim & Dan (TimNDansMom), and one of our Moderators, CindyAnn, her DH Brian and their kids Trevor & Mallory.

Thanks to everyone for coming, and I really look forward to seeing you again at the next DIS meet. :) Tigger2on, sorry you couldn't make it, maybe next time. :)

My apologies if I messed up on the names! :D



Just got home and wanted to post my thanks to Snowwark for all her work planning this great DIS meet. It was really nice of you to bring the flowers for all of us, and the chocolates for the kids. Also thanks to SandraC's daughter Emily for the Easter eggs she gave all of us. It was wonderful to meet so many new faces and also to see some familiar ones too. We're looking forward to the next meet this summer. Hope to see a lot more of you then!

Baboo - I'm really glad you mentioned the chocolates, because somehow I thought the Rainforest Cafe was giving them out. Talk about being unconscious! My apologies and thanks to SandraC and family for the easter eggs, and to Snowwark for the chocolate bars from the clueless one here! I think I must have been talking at the time. <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_redface.gif" alt="red face">



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Thank you Snowwark for organizing such a great DIS meet! The beautiful potted daffodils were a very thoughtful touch, thank you so much.
Emily, thank you for the chocolate easter eggs and thank you also, Snowwark, for the chocolate bunnies. The boys and I LOVE chocolate!! (I did manage to stay away from Godiva Chocolates this time!)

It was really nice to talk to everyone and learn new things to add to my Disney notebook. Everyone was very friendly and I felt very comfortable. I'm looking forward to the next meet and hope that more people will join us. It was a fun day! :)


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WOW, you guys!!
sounds like you had a wonderful time!! :)
Glad it went so well...wish I could have made it.. :(
Maybe the next one....

Good job organizing it!!
all the little hand-out goodies sounded like a lovely personal touch!!

You guys on the DIS are the best!! :D :cool: :D

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Wow, it sounds fantastic! I wish I live closer to you guys. :(
Sounds like you guys had a ball! Glad to hear that eveything went well Kim! :D
Sounds like you guys had a ball! Glad to hear that everything went well Kim! :D
Oops......... sorry I guess I got the hiccups! :(
BOO! Did that help sammi? LOL! It was fun. I think we could have used more time to gab, well me anyway, lol! Maybe next time sammi. ;)


I am a little late but I just wanted to say thanks to Snowwark for getting us all together. I had a great time and I think I even have J. talked in the coming with me if we plan another one in the summer.

I hope to see you all again soon!

Oh, and Snowwark... my daffodil looks just beautiful in the kitchen window. Thank you again!
(Anyone know if these can be transplanted into the garden for next year?


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