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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by LOLA2, Mar 18, 2006.

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    Dec 5, 2005
    I want to try and have most dinners with just myself and hubby, I know this sounds selfish but we rarely get to do that at home. What time do the clubs serve dinner for kids? We are hoping that they will be eating around same time we are (first sitting). Also, do I need to tell someone before hand that my children would not be joining? I am on the 4 day wonder, which resteraunt would you suggest if I do want to take the kids one night?
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    Hi, don't feel bad...The kids clubs usually start to eat around 5..THey are brought in half hour time slots, depending on the ages...So, yes it will around your times or so. IT will be well indicated in the children's navigator's..Our children sometimes ate at the clubs, and if we knew ahead of time, we would let our wait staff know so they did not put all the children's stuff out ahead of time..Sometimes it was on the spur of the moment, so we could not..

    I have never done the 4 nighter, but I would think Animator's Palate for the children, the show is great...

    Enjoy your planning.
    HTH :goodvibes
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    Don't feel bad! We've done 2 DCL cruises, and I think we've only had about 3 dinners without kids out of those 11 nights. This time in August, I think we'll end up having dinner with them the first night, formal night, and maybe one other time. Beyond that, we're not going to sweat it. We're planning on plenty of time together during the days and other meals together, so it will be kind of nice to have a few dinners "alone"!
  5. lbgraves

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    Feb 25, 2003
    You can check the kid's navigators that are linked in the FAQ thread at the top of this forum to see the times. They do vary each night. I wish that they served chicken tenders at the kid's club dinners. DS will only eat that so he wont go with the club at dinner time.
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    Oct 6, 2002
    . . . if you're kids are in the club at mealtime, the staff takes them. As for being selfish, you're not. There's plenty of time to be a family and plenty of time to enjoy your spouse on a Disney cruise. This last cruise was our 7th and I finally learned to relax about where the kids ate. There was only one night . . . the second night of our cruise . . . where we went to Palo's and told them they had to eat with the club. Our 9 year old son liked to eat with us each evening, but our 12 year old daughter begged to be with her group. On the last night we strongly requested her presence and she joined us. Now, we knew we were spending an additional 5 nights at WDW so we knew we had plenty of togetherness to come. As my husband said, "Honey, relax. This is their vacation too. We'll spend time in the parks together and we're doing shows and the excursions together." When I looked at it like that, that they were having fun and doing things the way they wanted to, too, I relaxed and enjoyed both the family and the couple time.
  7. clm3

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    Oct 15, 2001
    Don't feel bad !! Your kids probably won't want to eat with you anyway !! We had to basically force ours to eat with us for Animators, saying how cool the color changes were and all. All we heard was "can we go now".

    Go and enjoy yourselves ...... your kids will have a blast without you :woohoo:

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