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    First trip coming up and hoping the "all knowing" DIS members could help me figure this out .

    So in room 1 there's my sister, DS13 and her boyfriend. They have a package at the BWV. Turns out that the boyfriend might be leaving early, like on day 3. So my sister and nephew would then bunk with my mom and brother in room 2, which is also at the BWV but through rented points.

    Problem is, they want to do the dining plan. Am I right that it has to be added for the entire party for the length of stay? Meaning that room 2 would have to pay for 4 people, even though 2 people will be there for only half the time?

    What's the easiest thing for them to do?
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    You are correct. Your sister and nephew would have to be added onto the room 2 package prior to check-in and they would then have the dining plan for room 2's entire length of stay. The easiest thing to do might be to add them to room 2 now, with the dining plan and drop the dining plan from room 1 and then just pay OOP for the boyfriend's meals.
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