Did anyone tape "New England Thanksgiving" from the Travel Channel?


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Apr 24, 2003
Did anyone happen to tape the special "New England Thanksgiving" that was on the Travel Channel last week? One of my best friends and her kids were in it, and I forgot to set the VCR! I would gladly pay anyone for a copy of this, or if you would let me borrow your copy I would return it. Or if anyone has information on how I can order tapes of shows from the Travel Channel, I would appreciate it. I was just on their site and couldn't find anything about ordering tapes of their shows, but I'm sure they must sell them.

TIA for any help! I am so upset that I missed this!!

Sorry - I saw it but didn't tape it - one of my college friends was in it - he works at Sturbridge Village - DH and I had quite a laugh seeing our friend in his "get-up".
Shameless bump of my own thread :teeth:

Did anyone tape this? Or know how I can buy it from the Travel Channel?

Thanks :)



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