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Earning My Ears
Jan 2, 2003


First of all, welcome to our forum; we will try to assist you. Although my diabetes is Type 2, and I am not sure about Celiac, I will give some suggestions.

If you are staying at a Disney Hotel (other than the Home-Away-From-Home or the Grand Floridian) they normally charge $10.00 per day for a refrigerator. I do not have the "Special Reservations" number (which someone else will probably post), but if you contact them and explain the medical necessity they will normally arrange for a refrigerator at no charge. Most off-property hotels will, if you explain the medical necessity, provide a refrigerator for the medications.

Each of the Parks has a First Aid station. You can, during the day, store medications there and do injections there if you want. They also have Sharps Containers for disposal of syringes, etc. If there is need for a break, or other immediate service, they will be able to assist.

A mid-day break away from the Park for nap and/or swimming pool is almost a necessity.

As long as you have priority seating reservations, if you contact a specific restaurant about 24 hours in advance you can make arrangements for almost any special diets.

If you give a little more detail about your child we might be able to make additional suggestions which would have a more direct bearing, such as when you will be going, where you will be staying, and if you will be using Disney (or hotel) transportation or using your own car.

One last (very minor) thing, please turn off your "Caps Lock" key when typing messages, they are generally easier to read in mixed case.
Cheshire Figment already gave you some really good info. Here's the phone number for WDW RESORTS/SPECIAL RESERVATIONS
(407) 939-7807 [voice]
(407) 939-7670 [TTY]
They should be able to arrange for a refrigerator at no charge for you, but some DIS posters have reported they were charged. The problem was that many people had heard you could get a refrigerator at no charge if you had a medical need, so some people who had no medical needs were saying they did just to get the refrigerator. WDW's response to that (at least for a while) was to charge everyone - even people with legitimate medical needs.
You can also contact the Executive chef's office number at (407) 824-5967. They are in charge of all the food at the parks, including the sit down restaurants and the fast food counter service places. Here's a
web site that should be helpful. I'm sure you will also get some helpful info from DIS posters with personal experience.
Wow, someone else with a diabetic/celiac child!!!

We went to WDW a couple of years ago and are planning on going again in September.

When we went, our little one had not yet been diagnosed with the celiac, but did have the diabetes.

Just a few things that we found helpfull---
1. Check blood sugars more often. Our little one was frequently low.
2. Bring snacks--pop, juice, a gluten free snack (usually lots of carbs in those) along with you. You don't want to be in line when a low happens along.
3. The chefs were great, and very understanding and attentive about special diet needs.
4. Someone else posted the web site to go to--it is great and gave me peace of mind as far as the gluten is concerned.
5. I don't know when you are going, or if this only pertains to my child, but she wilted like a flower in the florida heat, and keeping her blood sugar up was sometimes difficult. It was nice though to see her eat stuff she might normally be allowed to eat with the diabetes.
6. The staff at the restaurant is usually very understanding if you have PS and need to be seated to get food in your little ones tummy. Only once did we have a problem --at the Crystal Palace. Our DD was low and needed to eat. Even though we made PS, there was a HUGE line, and it took over 1/2 an hour to be seated. The lady at the front could have cared less. Another cast member was listening and graciously gave us some OJ.
7. Make sure you call ahead to the restaurants your going to eat at.
8. Last one, I promise. Talk to the doctor in charge of your childs diabetes, about whether or not you will need to lower insulin amounts.

Good luck, I am very interested in knowing how your trip goes, and if YOU can give any hints to me after your trip!!!

There is a wonderful forum for those who have Celiac's and related concerns. I am in the process of trying to get an official diagnosis of Celiac's Disease. After having the classic symptom, which I won't go into here but it begins with a D :eek: , I put myself on a gluten free diet and like magic, my symptoms improved dramatically.

There is a ton of info over there from the latest research to great recipes.

One more thing. There are numerous posts about being Celiac and going to WDW. One was so great that, with the authors permission, I sent it to WDWIG. Deb put in on the site. It's here:


Remember that 24 hours is the preferred minimum. As soon as you know where you want to eat, go ahead and contact the cullinary team.


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