Desperately seeking Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Recipe + Chicken


Earning My Ears
Jul 3, 2019
I went to Disneyland last year and while a lot of the food we had was just "ok", we really liked the Plaza Inn Chicken and the Mashed Potatoes and gravy. The potatoes were the exact same ones at the Goofy's Kitchen Character Dining experience as well. I've seen the recipe for the parmesian and roasted garlic potatoes from Disney but I don't remember tasting cheese or heavy garlic in the potatoes. So I don't think that's the right recipe. I really loved the gravy, it tasted like a light brown traditional giblet gravy. The potatoes also has skins in them (which I'd remove when I cook it) for reference. Does anyone happen to have that recipe? I looked around on here too and didn't see it but maybe I was looking in the wrong place or under the wrong name.

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