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Earning My Ears
Mar 25, 2000
Anyone ever stay at the Delta Orlando Resort and have anything positive to report? I booked a room there before reading some pretty bad reports on these boards. I could cancel, but I believe I would be hit with a $50 cancellation fee (I booked it through an internet reservation service). Just how bad is it?
We did take a tour of the Delta Orlando several months ago. They had contacted us about being represented with the other hotels on this site. I'm sorry to report that this hotel is not up to par (at least it wasn't when I was there). The rooms were very poorly decorated, and the place had a horrible 'institutional' feel to it. There was a strong smell of mildew even in the common areas. Overall, I was very disappointed with it, and subsequently, we declined their request for advertising.

I stayed at the Delta Orland Resort last fall for four days. I have to agree with WebmaterPete. The rooms are nothing great and the whole place does smell like mildew. The toilet in our room broke early one morning and almost immediately flooded the room - Thank goodness we were still there! They came and fixed it but didn't give us a new room or anything! We ate breakfast in the hotel cafeteria which was very expensive. It took me three tries one morning to get a milk that wasn't sour. We didn't spend much time there because we we mostly at US and IOA, but I still wouldn't stay there again. The only thing the place did have going for it is the location - it was nice to be able to walk all the time and not have to worry about driving or parking. They do have shuttles also. Good luck with your decision and have a great time!
My complaint is that many online hotel reservation agents give this resort high star ratings and the pictures make the place look luxurious.

I booked a room online to stay there and the Floridian (Clarion before the remodelling) and the stay at both sites ruined my entire trip.

I have a hard time relaxing in an unclean environment and nasty bathrooms are my greatest pet peeves. Both places were uncomfortable to stay in so we checked out and went over to a namebrand hotel chain and stayed there.

Generally, I assume national chains are more conscientious of upkeep and maintenance.
Thanks for all your input! I cancelled that reservation, and wasn't even charged the $50 fee, since I booked another hotel through them. I know we'll be much happier somewhere else!!! Thanks again!!
Just because the hotel has a name you know (Ramada, Sheraton, Days Inn etc) doesn't mean you are going to get a better hotel. Most of these hotels are individually owned and franchised.

Hotel quality can vary quickly. Hotels that are about to be sold don't spend lots of money. Housekeeping staffs may have a high turnover. Each employee as individual can make a difference

The best thing to do is to do your homework. You can use boards like these to get real reviews.

I recently stayed at the Delta Resort and I am glad to say it was perfectly fine. Nobody should listen to these polls. Their rooms were good and they did not smell. Their shuttle to universal was good(not there own shuttle anyway) and if the shuttle times are not good you can always walk. I found this resort to be very good. The only bad thing is that they charge you for everyting. If you want a basketball it costs 2 dollars an hour. But this was alright. I would stay here again. I went during Spring Break!


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