December 11 - Saturday..How busy?


May 1, 2001
I am trying to figure out if this would be a good day or not?

Magic Kingdom is open from 9:00am to Midnight
3:00 Parade
9 & 11 Spectro
10 Wishes

Would this day be busy? How would crowds be?
Wait times?
(MGM is the Early Entry day for Saturdays)
Mickey's X-Mas party is NOT on this day.

Any help would be appreciated.
If MK will be open until midnight with 2 showings of spectro, WDW is undoubtedly expecting a heavy crowd. Whether this would be a good day for you to go, depends upon the composition of your party, how long you'll be in WDW, how much time you're planning on spending at the park that day, etc.
I learned my lesson back on 2002. I planned the MK on a Saturday because it was opened until midnight. What a nightmare!! We arrived into the parks around noon after our flight down and it was wall to wall people. Even going back to the hotel and back in afterwards, it was no better.

Then like a fool, I went back to the MK the following Saturay!! What was I thinking????

This trip, I'm doing EPCOT on both Saturdays and the MK during the week!!!

Can't wait to go!!!

Our group consists of 3 adults and 2 year old (1month shy of 3) and an 18 month old.
We are staying off site.

We are planning on just doing 1-day of Disney and want to see Spectro and Wishes which limits me to Wed Dec 8th, Sat Dec 11, or Mon Dec 12th.

I have thought about being there for park opening at 9..spending about 3-5 hours at the park, take the afternoon off and then comeback around 5-6 and spend the night.
The more I think about it, I'm not so sure the little kids would like being up that late.

Sounds like a good day to go Animal Kingdom or Epcot. That's what we'll be doing!
We usually do another park during the day and then go to MK to see the second Spectro parade. It usually not to bad at that time.

Well we are now down in Florida and it looks like we are going to try to go to Magic Kingdom tomorrow anyways. Hopefully crowds won't be too bad.

We are going to try to be there for opening, go to Fantasyland and then hop on over to MGM for a little bit, then return in the evening.

I will let you know how this turns out.

How have the parks been this week?


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