DC Grand Plan Discount?


Aug 5, 2002
Does anyone know if the Disney Club Grand Plan Package ever has any further discounts? Or, is there anything similar to the Grand Plan, for less? I just want to make sure that my 16 day trip in December is the best I can get for the right amount of money.
I haven't ever seen further discounts on the Grand Plan over the regular Disney Club discount. If that is proving too expensive, you might consider the Deluxe Magic Package. This package still includes three meals per person per night, but has you choose between Cirque du Soleil, spa treatments and merchandise. You also lose the use of the Grand Plan coordinator.

You can also take it another notch down to the Discovery Magic Package. Disney does offer additional discounts on this package. This package is not nearly as inclusive as the other two, but may serve you well.

Good Luck!


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