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Jan 21, 2002
I can't believe how much has been happening on Days. It seems like if you miss a day lately you miss a lot.
Anyway, I was just wondering for those of you who watch, who do you think shot Colin? I think it was Larry or someone not important to the show, but I'm sure someone important to the show will be wrongfully accused first before we find out who really did it.
Also, who do you think is John Black's father? I think it's Sean Brady, Sr. That would explain why Stefano hates the Bradys so much.
I can't wait to see how it turns out!
I haven't watched since before Christmas. Sounds like I need to watch a little to try to figure out what is going on.
I'm not a regular watcher any more, but if Shawn is John's father that would actually be interesting!
I think Shawn is John's father. Would make for some interesting twists.

As for who did Colin in, I don't know. Shawn would have been too obvious with the way he was acting. Maybe Hope, wasn't the blood strange on her hand? Maybe Larry did it and Hope did Larry in?? Nicole, for as young and attractive as she is, made the most unhappy looking bride and what was with the stumble down the aisle? I don't know about Jack and Jen either. Sami was a bit obvious with taking Roman's gun and then putting it back. It's going to be fun watching how it all unfolds.
Today was a great episode, I just watched the tape. Everyone is a suspect! The wedding was so odd, more empty seats than filled ones! The bride looked miserable. Nicole didn't have a maid of honor, did she?

One interesting note - the scene where Brady and Chloe congratulated Victor & Nicole, Brady and Nicole are married in real life! That must have been strange for them.
Great show today! I think that maybe the twins were involved in the murder somehow. All of the people that were at that wedding are too important to the show to be found guilty of murder. Hope might be able to claim self defense if it is her because of her black outs and visions. That would explain why she wouldn't tell anyone. I'm sure they'll all be suspects though.

I never thought about Shawn being John's father. That would be a great twist and it would really explain why Stefano hated the Bradys.
Brady and Nicole are married in real life??? :eek: I didn't know that.
Yep, Brady and Nicole are married in real life.

I liked Nicole's answer when Shawn D asked them if they had seen Hope or Belle. She said, "I was busy getting married." I thought to myself, "Really, because from the look on her face it seemed like she was being punished or something."

I think, as far fetched as it seems, that maybe Billie killed Collin. I mean, she's leaving the show and all and what do most people do after committing murder??? Leave the country. That's exactly what she's doing. Plus, if she's really working for Larry he could've had her do it.

I also think Big Shawn is John's father. It explains the family fued. The rumor I read said that Daphane had an affair with Shawn and Stephano found out about it and that's why he hates the Brady's and also that the toy boat that Stephano left him with the baby on it had something to do with it and the baby was suppose to represent John. When I first heard this rumor I thought, "So Belle and (little) Shawn are going to end up being cousins after all!" (Belle being John's daughter and Shawn being Bo's son. John and Bo would be brothers making Shawn and Belle cousins) then my mom pointed out to me that Bo's biological father was Victor (which I knew but he still thinks of Shawn as his father) so they wouldn't really be related but its still close enough.
I thought the same thing as you, Princess_Aurora, that Belle and Shawn would be cousins, but then I remembered about Victor really being Bo's father.
Anyway, I can't believe Jack confessed to the murder. I really don't think he did it. He's just covering for Jennifer.
I still can't decide who did kill Colin, but I'm definately leaning towards Larry.
I too think Jack thinks he is protecting Jen. I also think a lot of the guests know what happened, but I think Sammy killed Colin, and I think Bo will be blamed for it because it was a service revolver. We leave for WDW tomorrow for 10 days, so it looks like I will miss a LOT!!!:(
I really appreciate all this. I am so far behind I do not even know who Colin is. Thanks for all the details and if anyone wants to fill in more, I would love it.

Who is Daphne? Tell me more about the boat--Stephano left it for John? When?

Have a super time at WDW Diane. Say Hi to STITCH for me--looks like there is an inflatable Stitch on the top of ALIEN ENCOUNTER. We were there in early November but did not go to that side of MK so totally missed it. DARN. I got the movie for Christmas. Love that little alien!

Jan :earsgirl:
OK, I haven't been able to watch for a while because of my job, but that Shawn/John Black thing makes sense.
Here's what no one mentions--my long-standing (I'm talking 2 or 3 years here people) theory that Abe is Brandon's father. That would mean that when Lexie gets DNA would be pretty darn hard to diferentiate between, or possibly that would let everyone know.
Robin M.
That's a good point...if Abe is Brandon's father (which i have at times suspected also) then they would share a lot of the same DNA...but it was Abe's DNA that was tested and (even though we didn't actually see the results ourselves) Sami seemed to think that it came up that Abe was not the father and even if he is Brandon's father there would be some kind of match on the DNA.

Collin was Bo's cousin...somehow related to the Brady's but I forget how. I guess he was Shawn's sister's son since he didn't have the same last name.

Daphne was one of Stephano's wives and is Tony and apparently John's mother.
I too have suspected that Abe is Brandon's father.
As far as the brush is concerned that was tested for the paternity test, I always thought maybe it was someone else's brush. Abe and Lexie were separated for a while. That brush could be anybody's. Maybe someone like Roman who is at their house a lot.
I always thought that Abe would be Brandon's father too. When Brandon first came on the show, it looked like they were leaning towards that direction. How many times will Sammi be switching DNA on the show?:rolleyes: I hope the baby is truly Abe's somehow.
You are all wonderful~!~!~!

This conversation is filling in some significant holes for me. But I am still having troubles with major portions of the story.

Now--Brandon's mother is??? Kate?? And if she had an affair with Abe why has no one mentioned that before? And what happened to Niccole's sister who was studying to be a Physical Therapist?

Why does no one seem to remember that Bo had a thing--an affair?? a marriage? to another girl when Hope was gone. She is now on another soap and I cannot remember her real name or her name on DAYS.

Did we ever find out who was the father of Hope's baby? Why could it not have been Bo when he was under Stephano's spell in France? and what is the lastest on the baby switching story? Where is that baby?

Thanks for filling me in on Daphne. I never could figure that one out. Was she Kristen's mother too? or were Tony and Kristen half-siblings?


Jan :earsgirl:
Brandon's mother is Fae...she works at a dinner. She is Brandon and Nicole's mother and the thing that makes people suspect that Abe is Brandon's father is because Nicole and Fae are so white and Brandon looks mixed. Then they brought in Fae's husband who was, I guess, Porto Rican or something??? So then it kinda made since for Brandon to be dark colored.

The only people I remember Bo being with are Carly and Billie. Carlie ran off with Lawrence and Billie just recently came back and helped Larry with Hope's kidnapping. She's leaving the show again this week.

Bo is the father of Hope's baby. This was cleared up last summer. Glen (the father of Marlo's baby, JT...the one Lexie adopted and then was switched with Hope's biological baby) and his wife Barb now have JT and Hope has her biological baby back. Lexie and Abe had to give Issac back to Bo and Hope and they now call him Zack. Giving up Issac made Lexie kinda loose it and her and Abe broke up and she ended up sleeping with Brandon one night.

Daphne is not Kristen and Peters mother. Kristen and Peter were adopted and that's how Kristen and Tony could be married. Kristen and Peter's mother was "The Woman in White" I think her name turned out to be Rachel??? Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

If you have any other questions about what you've missed, just ask...I've been watching it all my life :)
This is from a long time ago, back from the Larry days, but do you remember the girl that he electricuted in the bathtub? She was Bo's old girlfriend before he met Hope. They had a son which she gave up for adoption. This was a longggg time ago.
CARLY that is who it was. She was really significant for a while but now no one in the story seems to remember that there was anyone besides Billie and Hope. Carly could throw a monkey wrench into things.

Brandon's mother is Fae--I remember. But I did not know about the Puerto Rican Father.

Thanks for the details about Bo and Hope's baby. That makes a LOT of things fall into place!! :D

So much I have forgotten. I did see the sequences about the Woman in White and the fact that she was Kristen and Peter's mother but they never seemed to resolve why she was so spooked and how she got better. There was a great mystery with no resolution it seemed.

I had forgotten that Kristen and Tony were married. Now Tony is back, right? Is there any mention of Kristen? What is Tony up to?

Is Larry the one Hope was going to marry? He electrocuted someone?!?!?

Jan :earsgirl:
The girl in the bathtub was called Megan I believe, not Carly. Megan was killed and Carly went off with Lawrence Alamain.


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