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Earning My Ears
Nov 4, 2000
Has anyone stayed in this hotel within the past 2 years? I already saw the other post about Days Inn Suites, but everyone who responded hadn't been there recently. I've had reservations since June for this hotel and am considering changing them to somewhere else.
What do you want out of a hotel. If it is simply a resting spot between parks and a place for an occasional meal, it's o.k.. When we first arrived it was raining, we had been driving for 24 hrs, and all I wanted to do when we saw the room was cry. It is an old hotel and looks it. I had my husband get one of our blankets from the van and lay it over the couch before I would sit down. Front desk staff very rude. Murphy bed -brutal. Two beds in bedroom were fine. Lots of room in kitchen area. Pool area run down. Sorry I don't want to spoil your trip, but I know that hotel decisions can ruin your trip and wanted to give an honest answer. Now HIFS is an amazing place to stay
It was a nice suite, clean with lots of room. It has been clean every time we were there. It is really nice. Some people have talked about how bad it is, I've never had that experience. It is next to Old Town, and Its good if you have kids. I have been there 4 times in the last year. I live here, and its a nice place, all the guests we see at Old town have nice things to say about it!
I stayed in March of 1999 and it was awful. It was dirty and hairs were all over the bathtub, sink, my blanket, etc. We were not at all happy and the front desk people were rude. We would not have stayed any longer than a couple of nites. I guess it all depends on how picky you are. I am sort of picky about cleanliness in a hotel since so many people stay there. And believe me, ours was NOT clean.


We have stayed there several times. Yes, the front desk is rude. And yes. the hotel is old. But our room was clean. Being next to Old Town & Jeff Foxworthys BBQ made it even better. Oh, and we only paid $25 a night, through an employee discount, so that made it better. The worst thing was that bus loads of kids wre also staying there and one got sick on the walkway by our door!
I stayed in December 1999 and have stayed there at least 5 times. I am a nurse; I have high standards for cleanliness. I stayed once with 4 nurse friends, who also share my standards. I have never had a bad experience here. It is a little shopworn, but clean and roomy. I have bunked in the murphy three times now. I call dibs on it. I like it. The location by Old Town is a strong point. Try the Ponderosa nearby for the breakfast buffet.
Less than perfect things: pool is a little chilly,
and no free breakfast.
I would stay there again.
Try Comfort Suites Maingate East. We were just there at the end of October and spent 10 days. The rooms are very clean including a microwave and refrigerator, a wonderful swimming pool and hot tub area, free beakfast with lots of things to eat in a nice dining area, and laundry facilities. It backs to a wooded area. In front, through my window, I could watch bungie jumpers take the plunge in Old Town. The motel is new, built in April 1999. The staff was wonderful. On several occasions I asked for directions or their opinions and they were always nice. Publix grocery store (I think this is how it's spelled)was inexpensive and only three blocks away. Celebration, Disney's experimental community is very close. They have showhomes that are fun to look at. Celebration also has a pleasant marketplace and some nice things at relatively good prices. We especially liked White's of Celebration. The price per night was $57 for two queen suite. I got this through the entertainment book. Look past the directory pages in the book, and you'll see the choice hotel page with discount information. Also through Entertainment, I was able to get $44/night for my senior in-laws. Ponderosa Steak House is good and very close by. I was less impressed with Western Sizzlin. YUCK!

We had very little traffic coming and going to WDW. I noticed that it was much easier than traveling on International Drive and was happy our motel wasn't on this stretch. We'll stay here again. You can check internet rates on the Choice Hotel web site.

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The location is on Florida Plaza Blvd.
Hope this helps and have fun.


By the way, Choice Hotels was offering discounts on 7-day-hoppers for WDW at almost %20 off the regular price. We didn't take advantage of this because we already had APs. Anyway, I think this promotion is over, but they may have other discounts.

And one last thing, join the Guest Priveleges program for free room upgrades and awards.


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