Day3-Camp Dolphin take my kids PLEASE and Oh my aching muscles!


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Aug 18, 1999
Okay, our tribe consists of me, 40 y.o. trip planner and WDW fanatic, DH age 44 and goes with the flow, and two sons ages 10 and 11.
Easter break April 16-22 at The Swan!

Wednesday, April 18th

Every day, it seemed like my muscles and bones ached just a little more. Now I know I'm out of shape, there's no denying that and I'm not trying to. But I know I'm never, EVER this sore at WDW. With all the walking you do down here, I knew I was bound to feel a muscle twang here or there. But I've never been this sore. I'll find out later on why!

We got up really late this morning, late by our standards! Usually we are out the door by 8AM on our WDW trips, but for some unknown reason, we all just got up when we go up! There was no rushing to the parks and it ended up working just fine this way. I think my DH finally realized that we don't have to awaken with the birds at the crack of dawn to get there early to have a good time!

Today was dedicated to Epcot! Transportation at the Swan and Dolphin hotels to Epcot is via the water taxis, the Friendship Boats! It's a very leisurely water cruise, but it does seem awfully slow. And then there's all the stops in between, to the Boardwalk, and the Yacht & Beach Club. If it could've been a direct trip over, it wouldn't be half as long. One way to cut the trip shorter would be to walk over to the Boardwalk and catch it from there, but why? I'm not one to add on any extra walking at WDW if I don't have to!

The boat docks at International Gateway and you enter from there. We proceeded around World Showcase to Spaceship Earth. It was kind of amusing to see all the little village maidens guarding roped off areas. I still don't know why World Showcase doesn't open up until 11AM! Does anyone know why? Seems foolish to me, all that lost revenue. Oh well, I guess they have some logical reason!

We quickly made our way to Test Track, where you needed a fast pass just to get a fast pass! Holy cow! What a line! Took at least 10 minutes to get the fast passes! From here it was on to our Epcot fave, Spaceship Earth.

Spaceship Earth had an unusually long wait, but we stood in line anyway, as it's a constantly moving line, and it really only took about 15 minutes. BUT--this was the coldest morning yet! The wind was howling and everyone had on long pants and sweatshirts! I was particularly cold! And with the ride itself blocking out any warmth from the sun, it felt more like a cold day in January back in Virginia!

From here we went on to my kids favorite, Ice Station Cool! They just can't get enough of that place! Who needed Ice Station Cool, when it was cool enough right outside!

Epcot was crowded my friends, very crowded! But hey, it's spring break, what did we expect? Since we didn't actually get to Epcot until rather late (by our regular standards anyway) we walked around and made our way to Canada for lunch at Le Cellier. We got there around 11:15, but it didn't open until 11:30, so we perched ourselves on a bench and soaked up some much needed warmth from the sun! I was still freezing, although the rest of my family was just fine.

We had a great lunch here. Le Cellier has become one of our family traditions, along with Liberty Tree Tavern and 50's Prime Time Cafe. The boys had the kids pasta and meatballs, DH had a steak burger which he said was THE BEST he had ever had and I had a grilled chicken breast sandwich that came on a sourdough bun, with melted cheese. The bun was way too thick and chewy for my liking, so I ate it with a knife and fork! After we had placed our orders, I wished I had ordered the Cheddar Cheese soup! It would've warmed my bones and been more comforting. Oh well, there's always next time! Overall, our meal was great, despite the fact that I was losing my appetite as the day progressed.

About this time it was ready for our Test Track fast passes. We got in line and couldn't believe how long it was for the fast pass line. It took us 25 minutes just to get to the area where they show you the little movie about what you will be going through. 25 minutes! YIKES! We weren't too happy about that, but what could we do? The stand-by line had a two hour wait now!

After Test Track we did Ellen's Energy ride and walked over to the Wonders Of Life building, mainly to use the rest rooms, but I couldn't help noticing one of the shows that was getting ready to start (something about laughing being good for the body) had one of the guys from the Fantasmic preshow that we saw in Feb.2000! This time he was male nurse Dan! What a crazy guy, he is so funny and a cutie too! He reminds me a little of Robin Williams, he seems to have the same kind of personality! I wanted to wait until the show was over and ask him if he still did the Fantasmic preshow, but I don't think DH would've appreciated it!!

The rest of the day at Epcot is a blur to me. I walked around in a semi-dazed state (the flu was kicking in big time at this point!) The boys were being very irritating, fighting and teasing each other, and really wearing on my DH's last nerve. I am more conditioned to their behavior, but DH really isn't! We did a few more attractions at Epcot, although I have no recollection at all! I do remember heading back to the Swan so the kids could get some pool time in. It was about this time that my DH was about to blow a fuse. We sat on our balcony for a few mins. then took the boys down to the Grotto Pool. We had no problem finding chairs today (ha--it was freezing!) I was all bundled up in towels (if anyone was there that day and saw a blonde covered in towels, it was ME!) DH mentioned taking the boys to Camp Dolphin tonight so we could get a break from their insidious bickering. At this point, I was becoming comfortably numb and went along with the idea. Normally I wouldn't. A trip to WDW meant family time, and I personally can't see going there and leaving your kids somewhere else!

But, I was just to weak to go against the decision. Camp Dolphin really is a nice way for parents to have some quality time together. There's two video games (Super Nintendo and Playstation) a computer loaded with software, enough board games to keep a small country occupied, a craft table and a video (TV) room. PLUS, they take your children to the Dolphin Fountain for dinner and the arcade-they supply the tokens! It's $8.00 per hour per child. Camp Dolphin is located where else, in the Dolphin! We had them there about 6:40, we said our good-byes, told them to be good and off we went! We had to sign several papers with general information, health info, etc. We opted to take a pager, "just in case" although it's not required of you.

We went back to Epcot to visit more of World Showcase and grab something light to eat. I was in no way hungry and I was still freezing! It was on this night that I finally got to stop and look at several pins I had my eyes on. We also got to see the Tapestry Of Nations parade! We had a perfect spot on a bench right in Germany! A very different parade, the music was beautiful, but once was enough for me!

After most of the parade, we managed to ride Maelstrom with only about a 15 minute wait. It was here that I discovered my new favorite perfume, Laila! I didn't buy it at this time (came back for it later on in the trip) but I just had to have it! It is so clean, light and refreshing! I can't wait to tell people "just a little something I picked up in Norway!"

By this time Illuminations had started. We watched as we walked. I was ready to leave at this point, I just wasn't feeling too good! On our way back to the Swan/Dolphin, the pager went off! At first, I didn't even realize what the beeping was! The message was "go home!" Well, we were on the water, and couldn't call, so we would just make a dash for it once the boat docked. You know how it is when you're trying to get somewhere, and it takes forever? Well, it was one of those moments. As we were approaching the Boardwalk, the pager went off again. I couldn't help but think of the worst! Were they being really, really bad? Did one of them get hurt? Were they sitting there crying like babies?

After we finally docked, DH made a mad dash, leaving me in the dust! I eventually caught up with him, and as we entered Camp Dolphin, Thelma (who by the was is such a wonderful lady--loaded with personality) told us that DS#2 had gotten sick. He came out of the bathroom crying, telling us that he threw up! (I think he was crying because he was embarrassed more than anything else!)

Talk about guilt! I think DH really felt badly. I was too sick myself at this time to feel anything at all! We signed our receipt (adding a gratuity along the way) and off we went to our room at the Swan.

DS#2 threw up several more times during the night. But by the next day, he was mostly back to normal!

I couldn't help but wonder, was it something he had eaten, or was it a stomach virus and who's going to get it next?

Up next--the show must go on, sick or not!
One fact I neglected to mentioned for those considering using Camp Dolphin.

It's opened from 1-4 during the afternoon, and 6-11 during the evening.

If you are looking for some quiet time, or a nice dinner without the kiddos, this would be ideal!
Thanks for posting your first three trip reports. I have read them all as we will be arriving at the Dolphin in about 10 days. Nice idea with the portable cooler. Did you try to rent a refrigerator?
Great report Blondie! I'm trying to decide if I should book my next trip at the Swan and from your reports, the place sounds great! :)

Illinois Mark, no, we didn't think about renting a fridge. I think at the Swan/Dolphin it is $25.00 a week (cheap compared to what the WDW resorts charge, which is $10.00 per night!) The collapsable cooler worked out great. We only needed to fill it once a day (usually in the AM before we went out) and we only filled it about 1/2 the way.

Delaney, The Swan & Dolphin are absolutely beautiful resorts! I preferred the Dolphin lobby over the Swan's because it's more festive! It was also busier too! Seems more people pick the Dolphin over the Swan, probably because that is where Tubbi's Buffeteria is located, among other reasons. I went with the Swan for the queen size beds and two sinks (at the Dolphin, you get one sink) Either resort is a wonderful choice however!
I'm sorry to hear your son got sick. I am glad to know he was better the next day. It does make you wonder if it was food poisoning.
KimandBrian, I don't think it was food poisoning, and I'm always the first one to suspect it!

There were alot of neighborhhod kids and classmates of my son's that had some sort of stomach virus right before we left.

It just chose to hit while we were at WDW!
Hi Blondie, I've enjoyed reading your trip reports. Isn't it awful when someone gets sick while you are vacation? I've had those days with my kids. Thankfully, your son recovered quickly. I'm glad you were able to have a bit of a break (Camp Dolphin) though. It gives you a chance to "regroup" your sanity. ;)
I'm really enjoying your trip reports. I'm sorry you and your son weren't feeling well, I hope it gets better. Well on to the next days.
So sorry to hear you and your son are not feeling well.

Tommorow a new day and hopefully everyone is feeling better.
Love your reports! I was not feeling well myself one night on our last trip, it can really throw a kink into getting the most enjoyment out of your vacation.
I'm ready to go on and read post #3.:D
Okay now I am really getting sad... I can't believe you and your son got sick!!!!

On a good note though me and DH went to Le Celliers for the first lunch crowd (it was wonderful!) new tradition for us! I had the steak burger and really enjoyed it! I also ordered the cheddar cheese soup but it was too much! Oh well I guess that's what Disney is for! ;)


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