Day 2 Part 2 - We came, we saw, we ate some more!

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Sep 27, 1999
Here it is - the very exciting conclusion of Day 2!

Trip Report – Day 2 Part 2Wednesday, December 6th 2000

We came, we saw, we ate some more! - A better late than never trip report.

The vital statistics:


Beth E. – the mom, Disney fanatic, trip planner

Eric (also know as DH)– the dad, just following mom’s well planned out footsteps

Sophie – DD 5 1/2, first trip to WDW, very outgoing child, loves the princesses, has no idea that anything that happens this trip is “out of the ordinary”

Accommodations: All Star Sports Hotel

Dates of trip: Tuesday December 5th to Friday December 15th

Weather: Didn’t write it down at time, but it was probably in the 60s. We wore long pants, tee shirts with sweatshirts and light jackets and took some layers off when we were warm. Did not require hats or gloves.

Day 2 December 6, 2000

The Mulan parade was next on the agenda. We found a place were we could squeeze in to see the show. Still trying to save the video camera’s battery I shot intermittent video of the parade. When the parade ended we walked to Hollywood and Vine where we were to have dinner. We knew we were early so we killed some time watching the very entertaining Public Works guys (I don’t know if they have another name!) There were two guys in a public’s works truck who set up in the street and interacted with the public. They were hysterical to watch – they claimed to be waiting for Belle to pass by since she was reading stories for Christmas somewhere in the park. At set intervals there would be music announcing that she was coming and they would stop what they were doing to see her. Sophie, who was getting a little antsy by this time, starting to interact with the men and they were wonderful with her. She was wearing light up sneakers and they went on for a couple of minutes about her sneakers.

Soon after they stopped their break and went back to work, we went to have dinner. Since it wasn’t originally in my plans for a meal (oh the horror!) I knew nothing about Hollywood and Vine. Since I can be a compulsive food planner this worried me. What had people on the DIS said about Hollywood and Vine? Ahhh! I discovered that it was a buffet. Good enough I decided – especially since it would get me seating for Fantasmic. The food was pretty good. Some of the things offered included: Yukon Mashed Potatoes, Curry Rice, Spicy Lo Mien (which was spicy), Penne in Meat sauce, Flank Steak, Salmon and Pork Loin. There was also a kid’s buffet and a dessert buffet with ice cream and toppings. Yeah ice cream two nights in a row! Sophie had a brief melt down at the restaurant and I thought we might have to miss Fantasmic. Thankfully she pulled herself together and ate some food, which seemed to revive her. So anyone who saw a whining child in Hollywood and Vine on Wednesday, December 6th at around 4:30 – that was us!

After dinner Sophie asked if we could do the Great Movie Ride again and since this is supposed to be her vacation – what could I say? One more time, again on the cowboy side and then we are off to Fantasmic. I guess we were running late because they were letting everyone in when we got there. We got seats way off on one side, but knowing Disney I knew that if they have seats there, there is a view there. When we sat down I took a moment to look at the theater we were now in – and all I can say is “wow!” I was blown away by the sheer size of the amphitheater. It is huge! So big in fact that while the preshow was going on I still had a very hard time finding the teeny tiny CM way down front running the show. Soon enough the show began. I pulled out the video camera and was happily taping away. DH was taking pictures with the digital camera. Midway through the show I hear Sophie announce that she had to go to the bathroom. Normally I would take her right away, but now it is dark and crowded and I don’t think that I can get us out of the amphitheater to find a bathroom. I ask Sophie to try to hold it – I know that she wants to wait since she loves the show. She watches most of the show doing the “pee pee dance.” Finally, during the finale of the show she tells me that she “really” had to go now and so I glance over and was happy to see that the people sitting on the other side of us were starting to leave. I told Eric that we were off to find a bathroom and that I had one of our 2way radios with me. We made our way to the top and a CM was herding the early escapers out of the show. I pointed to my DD and told him what I needed. He pointed me in the right direction, but warned me that I would have to tell the next CMs where I was headed so they would let me through. A couple more announcements of “bathroom emergency” and we made it, just in time.

After the bathroom break we got lucky again – walked outside and there was DH waiting for us. My final goal for the night was to see the Osborne Lights. (Talk about overloading a day – or what) I had learned on the boards that they remain open after Fantasmic and that it would be a good idea to see them while the crowd for the buses thins out. Here came my only glitch – I asked the first CM I saw outside of Fantasmic where the light show was and she told me that it was closed tonight for a special event. I was bummed. Being a DIS fanatic and planner, I had set my plans in stone and now they were being thrown off on the very first day of park touring. But then I noticed bunches of people not heading towards the exits of the park. I convinced my DH that we should keep walking in the general direction of Osborne lights and find another CM to ask. Luckily the second CM didn’t mention a closure at all. Now the votes were cast 1 – 1 and I needed a tiebreaker. I found a man in MGM security outfit and I figured he would be a good person to ask where the lights were. He also pointed me in the right direction so off we went to see the snow and lights.

At this point I realized that I did see people who were there for some sort of special event. (I later discovered that this was part of the Santa watch special that ABC aired). They were carrying signs for 98 degrees. There was one section of New York Street blocked off and camera crews were set up to film something on a flight of steps/building stoop. When I saw the special I realized that this was where 98 degrees sang one of their songs. I guess the filming went on later that night, since I didn’t see the group there and we were able to tour Osborne lights without incident. We got the special glasses and began to walk through the streets. The light show was breathtaking and truly spectacular. Sophie loved the “snow,” although we all had to remind ourselves not to try to catch it on our tongues! Every year there is a family not far from us that sets up a big Christmas display. They collect donations, which they give to the burn unit of a local hospital. I’ve always thought that they had an amazing display, but now I’ve seen the most amazing of all.

Finally, we were worn out, so we heading out of the park. We went back to the ASSH, where we fell asleep.

Coming attractions: Day 3 – The Magic Kingdom, Breakfast at the Castle and “Could you please stop sitting on my foot!”
love to see kids do "the dance"........I wished that we had tried the HOllywood and Vine for a supper....sounds like it was good.......thanks for the report


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